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    Save File Randomly Works

    I used to join my friend's save all the time. Then it randomly stopped working. So I asked him to give it to me and it worked normally for a while. All the sudden it just started randomly freezing my computer or it would work normally. I gave the file to someone else to see if it was my pc, but they had the same issue. The attached file is this save. TRY 1$2019.02.14-21.41.43.savegame
  2. RealSkeleBones

    Can't Spawn In Friends Game

    I lied still isn't fixed but I did fix not being able to do coop what so ever.
  3. RealSkeleBones

    Can't Spawn In Friends Game

    Nvm i fixed it.
  4. So I left my friends game while on the alien space station and now I can't spawn in his game without crashing.