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  1. W3tStrang


    Yeah this happens to me too. Cant think of any reason for it though .
  2. W3tStrang

    Crashes on Xbox 1

    @Middlelaged75 I tried your first suggestion and it did not work. I think it is probably something local, like Wifi. I have been having bad Wifi lately and that might be it. Thank you for the suggestion though :)!
  3. W3tStrang

    Crashes on Xbox 1

    Yeah that might be it, good idea.
  4. W3tStrang

    Crashes on Xbox 1

    I am pretty sure I have my Xbox set to turn off completely, though I will check. I hope this works, If it doesn't, it will render my most progressed save unusable :(.
  5. W3tStrang

    Crashes on Xbox 1

    Did/does it happen when you just save and exit to main menu? Or when you enter a vehicle, because that is what happens to me. I will try though, and report back.
  6. W3tStrang

    Crashes on Xbox 1

    Or it could be a bandwidth issue, like your Internet/Ethernet is not good enough. This might actually be it as it just randomly started happening. Maybe my internet for whatever reason downgraded and that caused the problem, as I have been having internet troubles in other games as well in the past few days.
  7. W3tStrang

    Crashes on Xbox 1

    Yeah it is really annoying. However, this never happened to before the 1.0 update. Personally, I think that since the 1.0 update is so detailed, it takes up so much CPU that whenever it tries to do something extra, like save, it crashes because the CPU gets overloaded. Also, do you get crashes when you just save and quit, or only when entering something?
  8. W3tStrang

    Crashes on Xbox 1

    So I play on Xbox, and every time I go into as spaceship/rover/base, or try to save and quit, the game crashes and my progress is lost for that session. This happens EVERY time. PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!