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    Low Fps With Gtx 1060 *Must Read*

    I & friends have the same issue after release. Here's video proof. Here's MSI log with framerate/frametime/etc with PC specs. What we can do?
  2. Hello guys, hello developers First of all, I would love to congratulate on the release of the game and express respect to the developers - you worked hard, and now the game feels way better and is definitely more polished (I know, I played Astroneer 2 years ago and I play it now after release 1.0). But I've faced strange issue - after 20h playing on the same world, my framerate drops and frametime spikes drastically. I have no issues in the brand new world. I've recorded a log with MSI Afterburner, it is available here, and also I've recorded a video (available here) where I'm playing a few minutes in an 'old' world and some time in a 'new' world. Specs are described in a log sheet. Content of ..\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor also available in .zip archive. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks and again congratulations with the release of the game. AstroneerWindowsNoEditor.zip