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  1. Thanks, but this doesn't help really. I've even traveled far from my base but frame spikes still exist and framerate was unstable and low. I'm sorry, but guys, how can I reach qualitative technical support? Update 1.0.9 arrived but still in my main world I have problems described in the original post. I've recommended Astroneer to few of my friends, we created a new world and after spending 3-4 hours in that world we all got huge stuttering and frame drops (we all use 900th gen. or newer of NVIDIA video cards, and some of us got drops to 20-30 fps from initial 60). I feel really confused, I've recommended a game, all the people spent money on it, and we can't play because of these problems. I would like to hear that issue has been addressed or how can we fix our worlds, please, help me. P.S. Here's an updated video with 1.0.9 Astroneer.
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    Low Fps With Gtx 1060 *Must Read*

    I & friends have the same issue after release. Here's video proof. Here's MSI log with framerate/frametime/etc with PC specs. What we can do?
  3. Hello guys, hello developers First of all, I would love to congratulate on the release of the game and express respect to the developers - you worked hard, and now the game feels way better and is definitely more polished (I know, I played Astroneer 2 years ago and I play it now after release 1.0). But I've faced strange issue - after 20h playing on the same world, my framerate drops and frametime spikes drastically. I have no issues in the brand new world. I've recorded a log with MSI Afterburner, it is available here, and also I've recorded a video (available here) where I'm playing a few minutes in an 'old' world and some time in a 'new' world. Specs are described in a log sheet. Content of ..\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor also available in .zip archive. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks and again congratulations with the release of the game. AstroneerWindowsNoEditor.zip