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    Vehicle and multiplayer issues

    Forgot to say: game on steam, terrain bug happens anytime we join each other's games after digging/placing earth, tractor bug seems random
  2. davey459

    Vehicle and multiplayer issues

    here are some photos of the reappearing and broken land also i experienced land missing when i joined his game.
  3. 1. When my friend joins my world he gets problems where only the terrain that he dug gets replaced (sometimes more terrain than was there before) and kills him, this replaced terrain isn't there for me (host) also i am able to walk through where he sees the replaced terrain and he interacts with it as if it's real. 2. sometimes when joining my game his tractor disappeared but randomly reappears after he left the area or re-logged. 3. My friend and I both get a reoccurring bug where one of us get in a tractor and are unable to drive. (to fix it we get out and spam F straight away, then run a few meters away and get back in)