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    Tunneling glitch

    Hello, Playing on Steam with keyboard and mouse. I have been running into a few glitches while tunneling, mostly seen in multiplayer, whiling digging the dirt will rubber band and I will not be able to dig through a section. On other players screen the hole will be clear, but not on mine (or vice versa). I am able to dig around the area sometimes. While going through a section of tunnel, areas will disappear and I can see through the world. If I step into these areas i will either fall through the world or it will shoot me to the surface. If I try to dig or alter the terrain on the edge of visible tunnel and push into the void, sometimes the tunnel will return to it's normal state. These glitches are most prevalent when on the same planet as on other player, still present when on separate planets. But does not seem to be as common the further away from each other we are.