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  1. Have you tried option "Respawn in a base"?
  2. I think it is OK. Yesterday (Sept. 29th. 2020) I tried this - centrifuge started to spin, I pulled it from the table. Centrifuge finished spin and provided the resources without power. After reconnection it works alright.
  3. I had an idea about some leveling of research. I allways gave up my old fancy base to begin a new adventure (old save feel kind of pointless to continue) - What about NOT to be able to research all I found. I mean, old good research building will accept anything and with any amount of research points I found. Is it possible to somehow diverse research buildings, research stuff (availability / amount of it in single game / difficulty vs. amount of research points). I would love to find something I can't research and in order to research it make some more research. Another one: - What about to diverse the research to adapt to a specific planet? Now I can go anywhere (sometimes I just change my outfit "to feel in my role better") - you can also adapt your SHOP to it Another one: I like mystery and adventure (and also have no friends online ). That is why I play Astroneer in single player ( GREAT game 'thumbsup' ). But with finishing all the research and setup and collecting all the resources, my game is kind of pointless. - I wonder if those nice weird shape resource boxes from probes can contain also small suprises. Like mystery boxes (not all, but some). You could crack it open to find points and possible something else (credit points to shop, skins, hats etc...)
  4. Space travel: Pls. make some beacon to navigate to. For shorter landing - it is sooo boring to wait for planet to spin, so I can spot my place (it may be considered as a fuel wasting step) It is still possible to loss a car in space ( I can see it orbiting the Terra ) any debris collectors??? Planet travel: I had a great idea of using a catapult, or any sling device to spring me in a distance (only with my jetpacks (without a car)). It could be jet powered, hydrazine fueled start or so somehow....