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    Extenders in

    i put it on a shoulder slot, then when i want to put on down, i use c/v (depending on which side) and it puts one down.
  2. njord8472


    The storms have been taken out of the game for now, as I understand it. I believe they will be placed back eventually, maybe with weather or such, but for now, there are no storms.
  3. njord8472

    rover retrieval

    I agree, something like with the shuttles.
  4. njord8472

    How to at least double your cargo?

    Can't tell from the pictures. In the second one, are those empty packagers, or are those the ones that have stuff on them from the first picture?
  5. I think the shuttle orbits in the equator, so the sides would be north/south. If you go to the one at the top of the planet, you would need to go either east or west straight to find the missing one, depending on the way the planet rotates.
  6. njord8472

    Locating Alien Cube on Silva

    There are terrain tool drill upgrades, I think those may work.
  7. njord8472

    Hydrazine efficiency

    Don't forget the hydrogen.
  8. njord8472


    One example would be the research station. If the researcher is placed on a platform with extra slots, which are filled with other research items, it would be great to have the station start researching those after one is finished.
  9. njord8472

    Base Locator?

    Or build a new base and launch a shuttle to find your original base from orbit, like I did when I got lost. 😄 But yes, a better way to find a base would be a great idea.
  10. Have you tried making a rover seat and placing it in the slots? From my limited testing, you can attach it to the shuttle and enter the seat, but since I'm in single player, I cannot test to see what would happen if you launch with another player.
  11. njord8472

    stuck at Desolo

    The only thing I can think of this moment is to carry around the shuttle slowly with you until you find aluminum (laterite). Once you do, you can make a soil centrifuge, get ammonium and make a solid thruster.
  12. njord8472

    Can’t find any copper

    I think it is located near the mountains. I have only seen it there, along with a patch of ammonium. Have not seen those two resources anywhere on the caverns so far.