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  1. Cue 7

    Is this a joke?

    You definitely have the right to be upset. If I had any game breaking bugs I would to. And this threads suggestions are legitimate but I don't think the best way to get heard is to yell at each other about how game developers should make their game. I am not arguing about bugs I am saying that just let them do there work In the meantime watch the development documentary specifically 15:43
  2. Cue 7

    Is this a joke?

    It is on sale
  3. Cue 7

    Is this a joke?

    You have every right to be unhappy my point is not to just hate on the game. Also Full price? the game is only $24 and the ea was $20. I would not call it a full price game.
  4. Cue 7

    Is this a joke?

    Yes this is there plan for the next few years as of now. Of the 14 only 4 are core/big game changing updates (how the game loads and generates), the others are just quality of life updates to make the game feel more user friendly
  5. Cue 7

    Is this a joke?

    This is not "business", SES has be working on a game for years and they saw fit for it to be released (whether or not they are right is a different matter). They wanted to keep Terrain 2.0 a surprise and because of that they didn't get to run the new update through a variety of system specs. On my computer the game runs well, only minor issues that can be resolved. You are right in saying 1.0 is a ea, but by releasing it as a 1.0 they can show that they are happy with the path the game is on, no more big changes. They are still working on making the game better and are hammering out the new bugs found. I have seen this before, a game releases more and more features while not really focusing on the bugs because the bugs will be replaced when they decide the features need a change. By having 1.0 they are going to stop features and focus more on bugs because the way the game works will be the same and the bugs need to be addressed. There will be a faze for the next few updates just on optimizing the bugs and gameplay. You just need to let the people work on there game, they have put a lot of work into this game and the community has always been helpful and supportive, if 1.0 means you won't accept any bugs then pretend that this is still ea.
  6. When I left the planet my truck would sink in to the ground, which is fine because I could get it out, every time I came back it would move more towards the hole I have in the ground until it was out. This is fine. The real problem happened when I was out collecting resources in my large rover and activating the portals. I would activate a new one and then put resources on my pack and teleport to my base, I left a buggy waiting so I could drive back to my base and not suffocate, but it was gone, no sign of it, and when I dug down nothing happened or any sight. This was again fine the buggy was cheap. And I walked back getting some O2 filter to help, and used my truck to get to the teleporter. Once I had delivered my second batch of resources and teleported back to my large truck, IT WAS GONE, no sight of it, wiped off the face of the planet. This is such a big problem especially because it is in 1.0. I am on PC using Xbox playanywhere with a key board. This is such a let down, and I understand that you guys are working on bugs that are now found but I would appreciate if someone could get back to me. Other the=an this the game runs relatively smooth and is very fun. Keep up the good work, can't wait for servers!