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  1. So, just today I launched ASTRONEER and clicked load on my newest and third save file, it loaded for a few seconds then crashed. Not just the game, my entire computer crashed. Thanks, System Era, 1.0.4 broke the game *clap* *clap*.
  2. So I just spent 5 hours on Novus starting from nothing to having an entire base, just because I needed iron and wanted to get to the core to unlock the cosmetics. I just finally get to the satellite to realize that I don't have the Novus stuff, my thruster on my ship filled with Astronium broke so I am irritated already with that. Now that I did all that work to not be purple, I am slightly more irritated. If there is any way I can fix this let me know unless this is just something I will have to wait for the next patch for, in which case just let me know. I just want to be purple.
  3. Recently after the 1.0.4 patch update, I have been experiencing lag and crashes, I now have two save files that won't load. One save crashes the game when trying to load it, the other does nothing when pressing the "Load" button. If there is any way someone could help, that would be amazing. I just want to be able to go further than activating Terran's core (yes I still call them by their original names).