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  1. From what I understand of the videos and streams, it should just stop when it runs out of places to put things.
  2. Have a canister on top of thumper and set to dispense, you get a mess of supplies.
  3. Atrox is another one with the issue. But, before this last patch, I didn't have to jump to get around. I just ran to and fro.
  4. So, I'm on glacio right now and after leveling an area around the northern gateway I can't walk without getting hung up on invisible objects (polygons of the planet??) Sometimes, it takes having the jetpack to be able to move again.
  5. From what I understand, the "automation" will only do the one before and the one after. That's as far as it extends. So, if you want it to get rover 4, you will need the crane rover 3 so it can reach 2 and 4 and fill up what space you have left on 3. Works the same way for scrap when you're shredding.
  6. It affects steam also. And, it's doing it on Glacio. Looks like that the character is getting caught on the polygons. I thought making a shelter would allow me to smooth out the ground enough to walk...but, the same choppiness happens.
  7. Died of asphyxiation...couldn't find body because there was no flag.
  8. So, first I want to say that I love what you've done for the crane! It works awesome! However, I noticed that the rover thinks that I'm in the cockpit while in the crane. I was thinking, what about putting outriggers on the rover when the crane is attached? Or, just have outriggers anyway so that you could "Park" the rover when you need to get out.
  9. Well, with automation, it could go up...drop off...then come back. When storage is full, it stays up top so you know you need to go make more storage or just unload it. You could keep an engine on you pack.
  10. What about using the scroll wheel to control the angle the drill cuts?
  11. So, placing a zebra ball on the front of the rover with a drill is very bad idea. As soon as you attempt to turn on the drill, the game crashes. Logs.rar
  12. Even after rebooting game still crashed. The sound would hang up for just a second and then the game would close.
  13. Just playing the game when bam! Game closed on me. I hadn't even been playing for 5 minutes when this happened. Logs.rar
  14. While in the large rover, I keep hearing the sound of debris or something constantly rocking. Here's a sound file of what I'm hearing. 190225 - Weird Sound while in rover.mp3
  15. I think my suggestion would fall under this purview. How about a better way to control the angle that the drill cuts the soil with? I mean, right now, you're either looking at the under carriage of the rover or you're looking through the ceiling of the tunnel...or even worse, the camera is bouncing around and the tunnel gets all sorts of wonky.