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  1. Every time i usethe packer to get ready to move, my game breaks, usually hard locking(as in the pic, frozen for five minutes like that) but it also crashes to home screen. Doesn matter if ipack my rover and trailers, or wind vain. Breaks every time..
  2. Likely 2.0 terrain, as mines like that too, infact my first world was on an "island" surrounded by a pit lol
  3. When i use the rover( medium, large, or trailer, with rover seat.) Itwell lock up when i get back in the ro ver, by lock up i mean, it does not respond to throttle commands, and the steering doesnt respond. The happens wither i have one rover or a train of them( more on that in a minute)on flat ground or a hill, and on multiple planets thus far. when i use a Train of large rovers(3+ connected) it g ets weird, tend to have steering input from no wh ere, and LOVES to "crab walk"as ive begone to call it, by which the wheel(all six per body) with turn WAYmore then they should, in a direction im not inputing(the back rover does this even without ould it even steer??) And will generallybe uncontrolable. This happens with or without anything on the top(storage, power, or anything). I can get a video of it if needed, just not sure how toadd it here. Issue is on Xbox One S, with most recent update(1.0.3) Note with pict ure, i am NOT in it, but wheels are locked.