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  1. Great to see an increase in updates for this amazing game! I am also looking forward to seeing the end results of the prototypes making their way to us all My look at Patch 189
  2. Did another video taking a look at this patch. Unfortunately, I screwed up and didn't get the game sound captured
  3. Late to the party but I ran into this last night as well. This morning I noticed patch notes were up. Didn't see this thread until just now but thought I would link to Adams post
  4. I, for one, enjoyed the challenge of having to find the Vehicle Bay and Printer. Granted, if you had bad luck, it became a grind. I would like to see it balanced out or the structures moved to a different system for learning. It would be really challenging / fun to start with no structures and have to explore the plane to find the basics to get going. I can see Astroneer hopefully taking some inspiration from Subnautica when it comes to breaking things down for us to find in different ways. That game does a great job of making the player feel like they are constantly learning something new without handing them an easy start right out of the game. Astroneer isn't as 'hardcore' as Subnautica from a survival standpoint but the feeling of stumbling across a wreck and being able to discover something new is an awesome feeling.
  5. WTB a way to thumbs up / agree with a post but since we don't have that feature on the forums I will quote you and say "Yes, this! I agree!. I am starting to recognize which resource goes with what category but would love just a visual of "Known Research" at a minimum so I can quickly see which items I should care about taking back to base if I am only looking for unknown items"
  6. @TheHaggardNerd, I am pro 15 - 30 minute episodes multiple times a week. I tried doing longer episodes myself and ran into the problem you mentioned. Also, from a content creator standpoint, the majority of people stop watching after 15 minutes so I tend to look at episodes that go over 30 as wasting material that those people could be missing. Found your channel with this post, thanks introducing your work to us. ApoNono YouTube: Apo and Bean Gaming
  7. automation, I can't wait for them to get that into the game. We got to see a base concept of that in the PAX 2016 build. Thanks for watching! I need to get things moving again with Astroneer. Been kicking a couple of ideas around and need to just kick something off.
  8. Would love it if the generators could either A) store the power they make if it isn't used or B) stop burning the fuel source if nothing is calling for power
  9. Mak-a-Face, Thanks for the share! I am going to mess around with your save and see if I can get your base to blow up on a recording once I can get it finished out.
  10. I was able to do multiplayer with multiple different people, at different times, during a stream last Friday without issue. I would make sure you all are on the same version. Are the people you are trying to play with on 153 or did they jump over to the Experimental Branch to play on 154?
  11. I'm with you, I really enjoyed the limitation / struggle to learn the things I needed to advance. The rarity of the vehicle bay and printer could have been adjusted but I really enjoyed all of my starts as I looked for research items to hopefully help me progress in my journey.
  12. Patch 153 Part 2 - All about Augments (basics)
  13. Did a quick video on the changes released last night to the Experimental branch as Patch 154. This patch adds back in Printer and Vehicle Bay as initial unlocks.
  14. Had fun playing around in Patch 153 - Ended up with a clip of this slide recovery