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    Extra Large Shredder

    WHY CAN'T I SHRED LARGE THINGS? I thought each shredder could shred stuff at one tier below it. The medium shredder can only shred t1 things, the large t2 and the Extra large WHAT?
  2. redstonerti

    Extra Large Silo A and B

    I love the medium and large silos, it would be nice to have an extra large version
  3. redstonerti

    Extra Large Silo A and B

    When i say extra large silo i mean silo with t3 slots
  4. redstonerti

    Extra Large Shredder

    ? I can't shread either platforms or silos
  5. redstonerti

    Extra Large Silo A and B

    Maybe if i leran how to use blender one day I said ok
  6. redstonerti

    Extra Large Silo A and B

    I know, it would just be better with an extra large storage silo
  7. redstonerti

    Extra Large Shredder

    Well, you should
  8. redstonerti

    New Energy Storage - Supercaps

  9. redstonerti

    Extra Large Silo A and B

    Well, it's nice to have a lot of storage options. And you know what the only F***ing things were added since February 6, 2019? Yes, STORAGE OPTIONS AND USELESS RECREATIONAL S***. And this wasn't just one or two, but tens of storage options. SO WHEN I ASK FOR TWO MORE THAT WOULDN'T ACTUALLY BE THAT USELESS AND WOULD ALLOW YOU TO HAVE A MOBILE BASE, DON'T F***ING TELL ME "You serious?"
  10. redstonerti

    Extra Large Shredder

    ? What do you mean countersink?
  11. redstonerti

    Extra Large Shredder

    WHAT?!?! I can't even shred a medium platform? Are you serious? WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH ALL THE SH** PLATFORMS AROUND MY BASE?
  12. redstonerti

    Why did they remove low gravity?

    Definetely +1
  13. redstonerti

    Implementation on xbox1

    Some people don't have a pc but have an Xbox and want to play with a keyboard.
  14. It's fine, i'm sorry i got a little frustrated but whatever
  15. Facepalm. The first post asked for more futuristic transport so he/she could have two bases. Then you said that there are going to be jetpacks next update that could be used instead of rovers to move between bases. I said that would be slowet than a rover and you replied with "it will be better than a rover that gets stuck on every pebble" I insisted that jetpacks wouldn't be better than rovers because you would also want to transport materials. THEN YOU SAY, WHY DON'T YOU USE A ROVER WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN ARGUING ALL THIS TIME THAT YOU COULD USE A JETPACK INSTEAD.
  16. redstonerti

    Different Start

    I'd like to start on a different, harder planet in the same solar system as my beginner friend so we could trade and stuff
  17. redstonerti


    Lets say you want to travel from the same point A to the same point B all the time. Obviously, you would use a vehicle but right now, they are too slow and the terrain too bumby for this to happen fast. The next update's paver will improve the speed by allowing you to make a super smooth path and cut through mountains and stuff (very cool). Still,the vehicles are going to be slow. There are currently vehicles very good for exploring(explorer) and gathering materials and researh pods(the rest) but not for travelling from point A to point B efficiently. I suggest that a system similar to a hyperloop be implemented with three main parts. 1. The creation of a track with something like a paver which lays down the track behind you 2. An engine which could be the only part of the hyperloop and it could be used just for really fast transport 3. A storage trailer for item transportation. Every added item decreases the speed by a little and every added trailer decreases the speed by 2 meters/second. The starting speed of the engine is 10 meterd/second which isn't unreasonable given that it's on a track and in a mostly straight line. And lastly, it could be run by organic, carbon and hydrazine.
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    Endless exploration

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    Tether like seed planting

  21. redstonerti

    Large Storage Silo

    Soil +1