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  1. redstonerti

    True Flat creative item

    I see that the true flat tool says 'creative item' in the description. Honestly, i don't know why this has to be the case. Everyone loves it so why not put it in the actual game? Maybe as a terrain tool modifier that sucks soil off your backpack just like the terrain tool. PLEASE.
  2. Hopefully you guys could apply this to all resources and machines. Just like this would be fine for me, but please add this simple thing in the next update
  3. redstonerti


    So, i was playing with a friend, we were both on pc, and we were both on the same tractor, i had put a seat on one of its trailers, and i was entering and exiting constantly, and somehow, i got teleported to the core of the planet, and he got the achievement for it too. I know i'm not explaining this well, but i'm really not sure how this happened
  4. redstonerti

    Model type?

  5. redstonerti

    Hover vehicles

  6. redstonerti

    Game progression

    I know this is a big chunk of text but hang on I feel like the problem with Astroneer's progression has 2 problems right now. Firstly, it has a lack of dynamics and game mechanics.(although in recent updates it is getting a bit better with air control and hoop etc) Secondly, is the not so severe lack of items(Which is almost gone now) and i won't talk about it since in the next few updates i don't think there will be any lack. When people say that they have "finished" a game, they mean they feel like there is nothing left to do. In Astroneer there is no "finish" of course but it's pretty clear (imo) that the majority of players feel that they are "done" when they have gotten a bunch of resources , gases , a base with all the machines, a few RTGs and some vehicles. The reason is that they feel like there is no point in getting a 2nd or 3rd smelter or chemistry lab or 20th RTG. It doesn't differentiate them from others and this is very important in a base building game. To make them want to continue is simple (not easy). Add some dynamics (a way for their base to feel like a "system"). The reason everybody is asking for automation is because it could differentiate everyone's bases. Right now, if you go to two end game bases, you won't find much different other than location and shape(and maybe one's has more of the same stuff) but automation could make it so that everybody could make their own systems. Resource collection, storage, you name it. But it doesn't mean that automation is the only solution. Here are some that i think could work: The ability to make songs with horns by changing pitch and having them on a loop The ability to set up vehicle networks for fast transport between bases and planets The ability to make flat bases and customise their shape and colour so that people could design their bases easily and make them beautiful The ability to set up trade networks with other players This doesn't mean that a few good systems haven't already been made like an item sorter that i saw somewhere. But right now, being creative is kinda limited in astroneer to be honest. It is still fun but doesn't offer much playtime. a good percentage just logs on whenever there's an update. JUST TO BE CLEAR, i love astroneer and the current updates are great. They are focused on fixing the lack of items and bugs and performance. This is just a reminder to what future updates could be focused on, maybe after the creative update
  7. redstonerti

    Astro Orchestra

  8. redstonerti

    Model type?

    Yeah but that doesn't help me because UE4 can support all these models: .3dm, .3ds*, .ac, .ascii, .blend, .bvh, .c4d, .dae, .dds, .dgn, .dwg, .dxf, .fbx, .lwo, .lws, .ma, .max, .mb, .mesh, .mtl, .obj, .pov, .skp, .stl, .tga, .ztl, .psd I would like to know the file extension
  9. redstonerti

    Model type?

    Does anybody know what kind of model type the Astroneer team uses for their stuff? (The .extension)
  10. redstonerti


    Yeah, me and all my friends get lost underground. We don't have a base near a gateway chamber but i still thing this would be good for when you are for example, on glacio and using you rover to mine hematite and titanite but your spaceship's bubble disappears way too fast. Or any other planet really that you go to to mine resources. It would be so great to be able to deploy glowsticks on the fly and not worry about losing your base other than if you were mining for too long
  11. redstonerti

    spaceship navigation

    Okay so, you're going out to find scrap and you've been travelling for some time now and have no clue where your base is.Here's my idea : Packable landing pad • Printed from: Medium Printer • Resource Cost: 1 Ceramic, 1 Aluminium, 1 copper • Byte Cost: 1,250 Description: A landing pad that can be packaged into a T2 package like the field shelter Packable, round trip spaceship • Printed from: Large Printer • Resource Cost: 3 Aluminium, 1 Ammonium • Byte Cost: 2,500 Description: This is a tiny spaceship with no space whatsoever, has an integrated solid fuel thruster, and the whole thing will become scrapable parts once it has done one round trip. It can only fly to landing bubbles of the planet it is already on, but can be packaged into a T2 package like the field shelter. It is basically a one-use small spaceship with the same cost of a small shuttle and a solid fuel thruster with a few drawbacks but can be packaged. Feel free to comment about what you consider fair byte and resource costs and what should be changed.