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  1. redstonerti

    Big Purple things are flying, why?

    When you are in a shuttle, it would be nice if when you pressed launch, you could click on the beacons of a landing pad of the current planet you are on and land there.
  2. redstonerti

    Conveyor Belts & Ladders

    A lot of people request automation, some en mass and others slightly, but the devs have automation in "potential future updates" sorry.
  3. redstonerti

    Smelter Upgrade

    Why would four organic make 1 carbon? then the medium generator would be even more useless than it already is.
  4. If the buggy had a t2 slot,it would be good
  5. redstonerti

    Landing pad

    I really wanted to make a base in low orbit but the landing pad just doesn't work over about the highest mountains of the planet. Why?
  6. redstonerti

    Patch 1.0.9 - March 1, 2019

    Ok so they fixed bugs abd made it so that the drills collect soil. Great. Ehat happened to the extra large shredder idea?
  7. redstonerti

    Extra Large Storage

    Yeah, kind of because its not so much of a hassle to make all those things
  8. redstonerti

    Bring back quick stow. Please!

    try it. It works better than shift clicking
  9. redstonerti

    Bring back quick stow. Please!

    Well you can also rebind your use button to something other than the default, click on an item, then press your rebinded use key to automatically put it in your backpack
  10. redstonerti

    Please put hover F back

    You can also bind your use button to something else other than the default, then if you pick up lets say compund, and press your rebinded use button, it will automatically put it in your backpack That might work better. Personally i use this instead of shift clicking
  11. redstonerti

    Trade platform doesn't auto input items

    Ok then it could be toggleable. These are not crazy bottlenecks.
  12. Why don't you just build to space? i did it.