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  1. redstonerti

    Amazing auto arm bug

    So the auto arm doesn't care what type of slot it is and if it can go there, it just puts it in. I had 4 arms stacking small generators on top of other small generators and then they used the top as storage for batteries
  2. My friend can press the arrow buttons to change resource (as in the lines on the physical indicator of how much soil you need per resource change ) but the screen doesn't change and he cannot start the centrifuge process. I can use them normally but he can't. When he logged off and back on, it was fixed.
  3. I If i click on the soil canister hologram and there's a soil canister on the platform, it will use it. If i click on the organic hologram on a small generator, and it's on the platform, it will use it. Medium generator carbon hologram, Chemistry lab gas and resource holograms, all the holograms. This would really appreciate if we got this as the next update. It would just make things so much faster. TL;DR: Click on resource -> Check if on platform -> Use it
  4. Every time my friend gets in my game, he doesn't have anything he had in his terrain tool anymore. Please fix this for the next update.
  5. redstonerti

    fan made music

    Cool song (I only saw the first one). Bit repetitive but cool nonetheless.
  6. redstonerti

    Small camera drone bug

    The aero cam covers half the research button. It's hitbox is way too big
  7. redstonerti

    Automation mod

    These are two of the most toxic comments i've seen. The only comment more toxic than these is my own though sadly
  8. redstonerti

    Idea to place tethers from rover

  9. redstonerti

    Rover IO

    It can only go up to 4
  10. redstonerti

    Rover IO

    Why can machines output to another rover, but it can't input? Please fix this.
  11. redstonerti

    Simple Quality of Life feature

    No,i'm just saying, there's organic on the platform. Why does it not take it from the platform? Why does it *have* to be in my inventory? I'd like to be able to click on the organic ghost and it would take it from the platform
  12. redstonerti

    True Flat creative item

    I see that the true flat tool says 'creative item' in the description. Honestly, i don't know why this has to be the case. Everyone loves it so why not put it in the actual game? Maybe as a terrain tool modifier that sucks soil off your backpack just like the terrain tool. PLEASE.
  13. Hopefully you guys could apply this to all resources and machines. Just like this would be fine for me, but please add this simple thing in the next update
  14. redstonerti


    So, i was playing with a friend, we were both on pc, and we were both on the same tractor, i had put a seat on one of its trailers, and i was entering and exiting constantly, and somehow, i got teleported to the core of the planet, and he got the achievement for it too. I know i'm not explaining this well, but i'm really not sure how this happened
  15. redstonerti

    Model type?