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  1. Today I ordered some hematite on the trade platform and I then logged off the game, I came back on an hour and a half later and the trade platform had taken four of my scrap, giving me the other two (from the six) back, but only gave me six out of the eight compound, and compound wasnt even the correct resource I wanted. This could probably be fixed by giving a non-volatile memory variable to the item request of the trade platforms. Awesome game! Thanks for reading this! Good luck in future updates! Thanks! Jamie - A Passionate supporter.
  2. I built a mobile base by using 4 large rovers in a chain, but each time I move the rovers the last one fixes in place making it extremely hard to move, the only way to fix this at the moment is get out of the rover and go to the back to place the last rover back into collision tag distance, but 9 times out of 10 it wont work. I am on PC, on steam. If you want to reproduce the bug just build a chain of 4 extra large rovers and see if the last one gets left behind. Thanks!
  3. Hi SES! This is probably just a small mistake but the symbol at the core of Glacio does not match correctly and exactly with Diamond, for players new to the game this may be hard to understand as the symbols are quite easily mixed up, but they might go and make nanocarbon alloys instead of diamond and then be dissappointed that they did all of that for nothing. Just thought I would make you aware. Thanks!