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  1. I try this fix every time the vehicle gets stuck and it only works about 50% of the time. I think it’s related to vehicle object collision. Sometimes disconnecting works too. However I still constantly get into a situation when I do all those things and dig up the ground and it still doesn’t work. The only fool proof solution is to exit to main menu. It’s almost unplayable when this bug starts happening because I may need to exit to menu 3-4 times before I get the vehicle out of the spot where it gets stuck continually. Please look into the object collision code in vehicles and vehicles which are attached together. Some kind of reset button for the object collision would be nice. This issue happen most which vehicles which are attached together.
  2. You basically repeated my issue word for word. Thank you this is definitely a confirmed bug! Also it would be nice if the drills vertical axis was controlled and set by the arrow keys
  3. Sometimes i am able to quickly get in and out of the vehicle until it works but that doesn't work every time. sometimes disconnecting any vehicles connected helps but not all the time. When nothing works it doesnt matter how many times i hop in and out it never works. i have also tried with and without the terrain tool selected but it didnt really seem to do anything.
  4. I have a feeling the issue i describe is related to vehicles sinking into the ground and disappearing bug which i have also had happen.
  5. Hello i posted in my own thread with exact details but every single time i play this game my vehicle at some point becomes immovable. If i exit to main menu that seems to solve it but nothing else does. The vehicle is not stuck since when that happens i am able to free it by digging away the ground. Additionally if i happen to be parked on a hill when i enter my inoperable vehicle it slides down the hill. The vehicle still consumes energy as if i am driving but it wont move. Additionally the tractor mounted drill operates normally when this bug occurs. Judging by mumbles mumbles comment he is having the same bug. Please please please focus on this bug. This game is really cool but almost impossible to play when i need to exit to main menu every 5 min to keep on driving after picking up a research object. Basically the game is un playable when i start having the issue. please feel free to ask my any questions about this bug i can drop a log here to if necessary Thank you dev team you made an awesome game aside from this serious bug in vehicles
  6. This issue occurs on all forms of terrain in since vehicle and vehicles with trailers. the only thing that works 100% of the time is exiting to main menu and jumping back in
  7. now sometimes when i jump back into the game from the main menu a continue to have this issue. Additionally i can confirm my vehicle is not getting stuck unless its always getting stuck and digging away the ground under the trailers and tractor dont help
  8. about half the time i get out of my tractor or buggy when i get back in the vehicle wont move. This is a serious game breaking bug since most of the time all i can do is exit to main menu and come back in. in the tractor i noticed that when the bug takes place things like drills work but the vehicle wont move. I have had this issue over ten times today alone its a serious problem i cant be the only one with this problem. Let me know if you need any details or logs or reports