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    Small RTG / Portable RTG

    The portable oxygenator is unusable unless on glacio with 3 wind turbines. This would be a very late game item that is 20k bytes and 1x Nanocarbon alloy. Seems perfectly fair.
  2. I have a suggestion that is similar to the RTG and the portable oxygenator Name: Small RTG or Portable RTFG Bytes Cost: 20,000 Flow Rate: 1.0 (Same as Small Generator) Recipe: 1x Nanocarbon Alloy + Hydrogen Purpose: Add something extremely late game to power portable oxygenated 24/7 or when colonising a new base you can put this down to have some start. Basically just small but good portable power when you need it. ALTERNATE Bytes Cost: 30,000 Flow Rate: 2.0 (Same as Medium Solar / half of regular RTG Recipe: Same