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  1. So, I'll do my best to explain this. As a train (tested with 4 large rovers) transitions from a steeper incline to a more shallow incline, whether the difference is large or small in angle, the train loses power once the first rover has made the transition. This results in being unable to exit a ramp. I've spent 10 minutes now trying to get onto the surface, the more I try and smooth out the transition the less I am able to get up, regardless of initial momentum/speed
  2. Thanks for the info! Sadly I tried to search for this before submitting, and only found really weird issues I luckily was not having. My ability to find what I was looking for with the search left something to be desired it seems.
  3. Additionally this is confirmed on the large rover. That makes it (I believe) all land based vehicles.
  4. I don't see an edit option. This is confirmed to affect medium rover as well (as frequently). I have however discovered that walking away (a hundred meters or so) seems to fix it.
  5. Why does edit go away? Well, thanks @Nexien. This was indeed in no way a bug but a failure to understand these upgrades or their need.
  6. Really? I've only gone by hand til this, I can give that a try. I could certainly see it as possible that it's a lack of knowledge over a bug. I'll try that (tomorrow) and report back.
  7. I don't know the new planet names off heart and reference materials are not caught up to 1.0. I am on the larger exotic planet, I've activated all 6 surface nodes, and dug down. There is no entry to the core node as far as I can see. This is my third planet, I've been to the core of two others, but this one simply has no visible pylons sticking out of the unbreakable stone. I've spent close to an hour searching the lowest caves, then a good minutes randomly mining along the unbreakable stone, then mined to the south pole, and all the way around to the north pole.
  8. This has happened with both vehicle types I currently have; primarily noticed with the Tractor, but happened once with Buggy too. I will get out of the vehicle, generally to grab resources, get back in it, and it won't move. This will happen on any terrain, even perfectly flat ground. Sometimes, after several minutes I can get in again and drive, often it will not work again until I reload the save. The vehicles have power (generally carrying batteries and wind/solar), and will happen whether or not tractor has trailers. This happens... frequently. I would guess 1/7 times I get in.