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  1. VoidBeast

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    So... Still didn't bring back the one-button quickstow I see... I don't get it. There's plenty of gamepad players out there like me who are confused as to how exactly the removal of that feature was for our benefit, since it wasn't a problem for most of us to begin with, and removing it actually made it worse. I'm sure some people had issues with it, but to just remove it from the game entirely was a really bizarre response... It's great that you are fixing all these other things, don't get me wrong... But it sure feels like there's a lot of selective listening going on when it comes to deciding what to change and how to change it.. And it feels like that feature was removed to appease some other group of players (of which I am not a member apparently) at my own expense, since it is significantly less enjoyable now for me. Having to pick up items off the ground twice was my biggest complaint when it was in EA, and when the 1.0 release came out, I was so happy to see that that had been addressed... But now its right back to the frustrating way it was before. I just don't get it. Would it be so hard to make it toggleable? Is there some unspecified reason for changing it? Well, whatever, I'm going to stick with 1.0, since it has the least problems and still has that function available. I'll update when/if the quickstow function is returned. =\
  2. VoidBeast

    Bring back quick stow. Please!

    So, are you saying that controller users should just deal with it, while the devs should fix the controls the way you want them for KB/M users? I use a controller and I want the one-button quickstow function back, so how exactly would your suggestion help me?
  3. VoidBeast

    Bring back quick stow. Please!

    Right, that's why I specified "before the patch." This thread was started in response to them removing the quickstow feature, therefore it could not have been the basis for the devs deciding to remove the feature in the first place...
  4. VoidBeast

    Bring back quick stow. Please!

    If you can find a single post from a controller user complaining about the quickstow function (before the patch), then I'll eat my hat...
  5. VoidBeast

    Bring back quick stow. Please!

    No no, you don't understand... The controller users (which I am also one) are totally against removing this quickstow function for the most part. I don't know why they said it was controller users who were complaining about it, because I have yet to find such a creature... So removing it just for controller users would not at all solve the problem. The point is that this didn't fix anything, because they just traded my enjoyment of the game so that someone else could enjoy the game. That isn't how you solve problems, that's just moving it laterally... The obvious solution is to make it a toggle in the options, which would satisfy both sides of this issue. I like having one button quickstow, in which case I can turn it on. People who don't like it because they keep picking stuff up accidentally can turn it off. I really don't see any disadvantage to that approach... But just nuking the function completely for everyone, that has made a lot of people upset--and not just because they removed the function, but because we enjoyed the game in great part because of that feature, but the devs decided that our enjoyment of their game wasn't worth anything to them, so they sold it to appease some other group of players, in a sense. Think of it this way: you have two young kids, and they both like playing with a certain toy. One of them really enjoys it the way it is, but the other one gets frustrated because he keeps messing it up somehow and so he complains to his parents about it. So to solve the problem, the parents decide to break the toy so it no longer functions anymore at all. The second kid is happy now, because it is no longer frustrating and he can do what he wants with it, but now the first kid is devastated because the toy no longer works. So, did that actually solve anything? They just traded the first kid's enjoyment for the second kid's enjoyment, but there is still one that is upset, and one that isn't. Basically, it is a net zero because the "solution" didn't make any actual progress, it just switched the roles around of the different people involved. And that's how the removal of the quickstow function in this game seems to me: I was enjoying the game before the way it was, another group wasn't... And now, that group is happy, and I'm not (along with many other players). So again, no progress.
  6. VoidBeast

    "Sleep" mechanic

    Well, I get what you're saying there... But, in my opinion, that kinda defeats the purpose of all those in-game systems that you are talking about... Those things take time because time is really the only limiting factor there is, other than energy, which also takes time to generate. It seems like it would unbalance the game if you could just skip all the things that you would normally need to wait for... There would be no reason to build more energy generating devices, for example, because you could just wait out the time it would take for things like printers to print something with a minimal amount of power, as opposed to building more or better solar panels or wind turbines or whatnot to speed up the process. Having to wait for things means there is a reason to balance your power needs with your need for expediency, and for more resources or more research. Not to mention that you could skip through the night if you are using solar, and skip through periods of low wind if you are using wind power... It just seems like it would negate the purpose for a bunch of different systems in the game... So I can't really concur with you, in my opinion. No offense, of course, just my thoughts on the matter.
  7. VoidBeast

    Bring back quick stow. Please!

    What about on gamepad? Is there any workaround for those of us using a controller, whom the devs said they removed this feature for? I don't understand why they didn't just make it an option... And I don't understand where all these gamepad players are that are able to dictate for the entire community drastic changes to the interface that the devs then implement without question. Because I have only really seen gamepad users who are extremely dissatisfied that the one button quickstow function was removed completely from the game, because it makes it much more tedious, as many many many people have already mentioned... Bring this back, make it a toggleable option, everyone's happy, problem solved. I honestly haven't even played the game since it was removed (though this isn't the only reason, to be fair), because it just grates on my nerves to have to pick everything up twice (once from the ground to carrying, and then a second time from carrying into my backpack) just to stow an item, not to mention that it is so ingrained that I can just run by things and pick them up with one button, that I keep doing it and then realize it doesn't do that anymore and having to go back and do it the long way, which takes even more time to do... Is there any logical reason why this should be removed from the game entirely, other than "gamepad users were accidentally picking up stuff they were trying to use"? Because that is absolutely not a good enough reason for me... Yes, I did accidentally pick stuff up on occasion when I was trying to use it... But that happened very infrequently, and I got used to the controls over time making it even less likely to occur, as is the case with any game with a new type of control interface. But picking stuff up and stowing it in your backpack happens all the time in the game, like that's one of the most frequent actions that any player of this game will perform... So, the solution for an infrequently occurring accidental button press that performs an unintended function is to cripple the single most important time-saving function for an action that is used more than any other in the game for everyone??? That makes no sense at all...
  8. What do you mean by "control it"? I dunno about useful, but it is certainly hilarious at times, as long as I don't have tons of stuff on me that I don't need or care about losing...
  9. Oh... so you guys have the jittering mining problem too? I don't have that one but there are a lot of people who do, I've been talking with them on the Steam forums trying to help figure out a pattern as to why they all experience it but I do not (haven't found anything, either). Maybe they are related? Because I don't get launched into the clouds or sink into the ground on the home planet, but it happens on Novus all the time. But I've never experienced the jittering mining thing either anywhere... And the framerate is fine for me too... I mean, really, other than the problem with Novus and getting launched, I don't have any problems with it. Except maybe some stuttering when placing tethers sometimes, but that has been a problem for a long time, and it doesn't happen very often...
  10. Seems like it is worse for you, I haven't had it happen to me at all on the home planet.. (it's called Sylva now I think, but it is still the Terran biome). But it happens every single time I go to Novus, which sucks because that is where Hematite, Lithium, and Methane are all located, so it is very convenient to go there for resources... But not if I have live in fear of stepping in the wrong place and ending up in orbit! lol. I dunno, I've heard some people say that it is doing this because they were trying to fix the problem with people sinking into the ground and dying, so they made it push you back up if you start clipping into the terrain... The problem seems to be that when it pushes us back up, we end up in the ceiling, so it keeps pushing until we are in the clouds somewhere. I dunno how true that is, but it kinda makes sense... They just need to find a better fix for the ground thing that doesn't involve a hacky bandaid like this is.
  11. yeah, same here... This happens to me at least once every time I've been to Novus, more often underground that not, but it has also happened to me above ground. I get launched far up into the air, near the clouds or above them sometimes. I haven't had it happen to me on the Terran world yet, or on its moon. But Novus, I'm almost afraid to go there now, because it happens every time I'm there, without exception. I don't have to be mining or doing anything other than walking, and it can be on seemingly flat terrain just as easily as on irregular terrain... There is nothing to visually indicate that there is anything there, but whenever I step on certain spots, my character will bounce a little, like he just tripped on a rock or went over some sort of step up or down, and those spots are the ones that send me into the air, it just doesn't happen every time, sometimes it's just a little jerk or bounce movement. But the other times, that jerk/bounce sends me all the way through the terrain above me and keeps going until I am in the upper atmosphere. It happens almost instantly, like I am teleported into the sky, there is no sensation of moving upwards at all. But once in the sky, I fall down to the ground at the regular rate, which has so far not killed me yet... But I also have no idea where I am, so making it back to a tether before suffocating to death is a matter of pure luck. And like the OP says, there seems to be a little stutter in the game associated with it, like it freezes for a fraction of a second when I step on these spots, and if it freezes for too long, I am suddenly in the clouds. If the stutter is very short, though, then I just bounce a couple of relative feet into the air, in the game-world scale. I have tried walking slowly, running, jumping, nothing helps, it still does it. It has even happened to me when I am standing still doing absolutely nothing but moving the camera around. Specs: Steam Gamepad control Intel I7-4700k 16 GB RAM EVGA Geforce 970 GTX 4GB Win10 64Bit Running at 1920x1080 @ 60Hz All settings at high, except postprocessing which is ultra Vsync enabled Standard clouds rendering
  12. VoidBeast

    1.0.3 - Steam - Glitched out of the atmosphere

    Happening to me too with quite a bit of frequency, especially on Novus. I haven't died from it yet, but I figure it's only a matter of time... Makes me nervous going to places with really irregular terrain like Novus.... or pretty much any planet. It hasn't happened to me on the Terran planet yet, but I've seen other people that have said it has happened to them there...
  13. VoidBeast

    Excavation tool bug

    I am not having this issue myself, but I can verify that there are many people on the Steam forums that have this problem as well, and I have seen videos of it in action. I have been trying to help them figure it out, but so far we haven't found any sort of pattern that could indicate why this happens consistently to some people and not at all to others. But yes, this is a major issue, it makes the game unplayable and it is effecting quite a lot of players... Please make this a priority, devs! Look in the steam forums, there is a 5 page topic about it now, and the new patch did not address it at all. I have been tweeting to the Astroneer twitter about it but got no answers, so it is getting to be a little frustrating trying to find a solution when we don't have any way of getting more information about it.
  14. I am having the same issue on Novus...I get ejected into the atmosphere seemingly for no reason, just walking or even standing there looking around... It seems to happen more in the caves than on the surface, but it has happened to me in both places. In the caves, it sent me through the ground (ceiling) into the atmosphere and I fell back down to the ground, though I didn't die. It has happened to me several times on Novus, at least once every time I have been there, and it seems to be tied to specific spots on the terrain, though I am not quite sure how to distinguish those spots... But if I avoid walking the same path that I did when I got launched into space, then it doesn't seem to happen again.