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    Ultrawide support...

    Thanks, hopefully this post gets noticed by someone!
  2. CallMeMark

    Ultrawide support...

    This isnt really helpful... good for you I guess? I'm in 3840 by 1080
  3. CallMeMark

    Ultrawide support...

    I already did this, sadly. I had it looking good on previous versions, but yeah, it looks like they broke the workaround
  4. CallMeMark

    Ultrawide support...

    So I've followed a few guides which guide me through editting the engine.ini and gameusersettings.ini or something like that, which got ASTRONEER fitting my whole screen, but the game seems to consider the UI elements like I'm supposed to have it in 4k and not ultrawide. What I mean is it looks kinda squished on the vertical FOV and it messes with my head. Also, the byte computer does this weird thing, and the backpack(s) to a lesser degree. Any help is much appreciated