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    Stuck Rover Trains

    Steam update news KNOWN ISSUES: Vehicles will sometimes not respond to input, causing repeated enters and exits before resuming normal operation (Update: turns out this might happen when other inputs are held while entering. Should be fixed in next week's patch) I guess this might be updated next week, sadly I will have to w8 for that update to play again since I'm stuck on the other side of the planet with 3 large rovers.
  2. Patchi_

    Stuck Rover Trains

    Same thing happening to me too, I was happy to set up my 3 large rover train connected all 3, drove a little, stopped, left the seat, entered back aaaaand nothing. I can clearly see the first and second rover moving but the third one is practically glued to the ground.I was really enjoying the game but now I can't even move away from my base.