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    Where are the Dedicated Servers!?!!?

    They're planned for the "Multiplayer Update", which could be anywhere from 1 to 6-ish months away. System Era doesn't have any definite time frame for it yet, but they do have a Trello roadmap that outlines future plans.
  2. After placing a packager on an object, then shift clicking it off into your inventory, the item will float in mid air after you move. I encountered this while using a mouse and keyboard, so I can’t confirm if it happens with controller, but I’d suspect it will. Steps to reproduce: 1. Attach a packager to an appropriate item (tractor, debris, research item, etc.). 2. Without activating it, shift click the packager back into your inventory. The packager will appear to go into your backpack. 3. Move away from where you were standing. The miniaturized packager item will be floating in the spot where your backpack was. 4. After that, you can shift-click the miniature item to pick it up normally without issue. I know this is a minor issue, and currently it’s probbaly being overwhelmed by rover bugs and performance issues, but it still exists. Keep up the good work System Era. ❤️