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  1. So, I recently bought the game, but at the moment its too feisty for my pc. Is there any way to get the game on xbox if you already have it on steam? If it's not possible at the moment, no biggie, I'm planning on getting a new pc anyways.
  2. I like that idea. The lightning rod could also store the lightning captured as packs of power. But it would need to be placed higher than the other base structures to work properly. A few more ideas came to me: Snow storms on Tundra planets that drain oxygen and slow movement against the wind? Mist that drastically reduces visibility? Floods when the devs plan to implement water? Volcanic eruptions, rocks raining down? The last idea's a bit harsh, but what if some planets have a debris cloud orbiting it, so landing there would crash your spaceship(perhaps beyond repair). But the p
  3. I think a dynamic liquid system would be preferable. That's what I was thinking of when I said rivers. If the devs incorporate simple water cycles and such, we could even have acid rain hazards too. But having water as a survival resource would make it redundant since we already have the oxygen support system.
  4. So I don't know if similar threads exist, but this thread is for all discussion related to the devs plans to eventually add liquid elements to the game. I, for one, would love to see water on planets(seas, rivers etc), along with boats, floating habitats and also non water liquids, along with hydroelectric generators. Add your suggestions/ideas/critique below.