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  1. When ever i go to a different planet with my batteries,solar panels and others, it messes up the look of the item and i dont know how to fix it....
  2. TALON

    Exploit For Scrap

    Please fix this
  3. TALON

    Exploit For Scrap

    Oh i also have a pic of all the scrap i got,every single storage unit is full which is about 30 scrap in about 4 min or longer i just need to do the same repetitive thing, put in the battery,take it out,put the scrap somewhere and put back in the battery please fix this
  4. TALON

    Exploit For Scrap

    When i was scrapping my battery i tried taking it back out and it worked... so i waited and when it finished i got the battery back and i could place it back down so i just got scrap without losing it