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  1. I have 8gb of RAM installed. And this problem never occurred during previous versions of the game. I'm also not using the Steam version. Using the XBOX live version.
  2. Scottlin

    XBOX ONE Not Saving

    Same thing here, except using Xbox Live through Windows it's not just XBOX. There is another thread here bringing up the same, SE should be working on this now. I guess we'll see...
  3. Same exact thing has been happening to me for over a week! I get on, play for a bit, and even though it tells me it's saving my game when I jump into a vehicle (ANY vehicle or shuttle), the game doesn't ACTUALLY register the saved data. I know this because a few seconds after I jump in a vehicle, I click to the menu that shows the time stamp...and it doesnt update. T only shows the old time stamp. I've also noticed the crashes, exactly as you've described how they've been occurring with yours. Unfortunately, I havent been able to figure out a way around it. I have to completely log off and sign back in. BUT, this doesn't really fix the problem, since after playing only a few minutes into the newly continued game, it will it refuse to actually save my game again. I've tried different vehicles, gateway engines to other vehicles, and even the "Save and Quit" options...but nothing FIXES it. I dont really want to play anymore if all these hours of work (which is what it has added up to) are going to be wasted when the game cant save the progress. Hell, I cant even progress towards any further unlocking of gateways due to this being such a constant issue. This sucks, and trust me, I feel your frustrations.
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    Xbox one s completely unplayable now

    I have to begin this by stating I've played Astroneer since it's initial alpha launch. I have nothing but love for the concept, the updates, and the developers. The game COULD be fantastic...something that I looked forward to playing alongside my 10yr old son. However, over the years, this game and it's functionality on XBOX One have repeatedly crushed my motivation for even turning it on. At first, it was the lag from the tethers. I thought, at that time, "ok, so don't use tethers". Use a workaround like getting additional oxygen tanks, or build your base out further to explore, using connecting platforms. Well, it became I stopped. Then the patch came out that fixed the tether issue. GREAT! Or so I thought. Eventually, if I explored the planet long enough, the eventual lag would destroy its playability again. So again, I stopped playing it. Then the version comes out! YES! FINALLY!!! I thought "THIS version, THIS will be the one that works without lag!" Well, I hate to say it...but after only playing on the initial planet for a few hours, and only travelling a short distance using the tractor...LAAAAGGGGG. The LAG and Framerate became UNPLAYABLE. So, as I always do, I saved and quit the loaded game, quit the game application from the XBOX Home screen, then restarted XBOX. As soon as I got back into the game (which, itself, takes several minutes...hell, even longer than Fortnite!) I was able to walk a little faster and move a little quicker. However, that only lasted about 5 minutes. As soon as I began moving further than 20 yards or so in-game, the lag came back and progressively got worse over the next few minutes. This story has repeated itself for the last two days (since launch on the 6th of Feb). After reading the posts here, I can say that I am not alone and I'm very glad we are discussing this issue. BUT, I seriously don't see how a hot-fix is going to address this issue of lag, that's plagued this game from the start! How is that going to happen? It seems like a fundamental flaw in programing or the engine. (I'm not a computer guy, so please forgive my ignorance on these programming topics). I just hate that I spend money on a game, that should be ready to go (for the most part, I'm not expecting perfection) if it's released on XBOX...just to have it crappy after only a couple of hours of gameplay. Patches are great, and expected...but this doesn't feel like a "patchable" issue. Those of you who want to punch holes through this and tell me that my XBOX is not a quality XBOX and that I should get a better one, please know that I own two XBOXs (XBOX ONE & XBOX ONE S)...and this issue occurs with BOTH of them. Ultimately, I'm disappointed. And I don't see a true fix for this game ever being provided, regardless of the work SystemEra puts into it or the cooperation that's achieved through Microsoft. SystemeEra, PLEASE prove me wrong...