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    happened to me, too. Seems happening, when running centrifuge left alone and / or too less space for extracted materials left
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    Moving with Vehicles

    Hi guys, thanks 1st for the great updates! The game become better and better and it makes more fun! 2 suggestion I bring you: - I started yesterday a new game and today and stopped playing it, because my rover drilled my base up. Can you please show the player, that they are near their base / buildings, while drilling in the underground? Drilling up is the best way from escaping a lost cave! I am sure you find a way. - The rover should also be able to destroy obstacles like stalagmites and small levitating materials, which has been overlooked, while digging. Currently the rover is only useful on the first planet or while digging, while it provides free oxygen for you. Make them or the planets please usable.
  3. Honestly, I don't really understand what you mean by this, but other than that, I like the ideas presented. lol  Thank you! I mean, when more and more printable items will come along, it will be more difficult to find them in the current menu. Actually I mixed up with the research menu, which is actually 2D like. On all printers you ve a 1D menu (choose left or right). Maybe more like in Dead Space 2: I think you are right. Just thought, that Hovercrafts would be something, which will not consume much developer time and it wouldn't require much hardware resources in the end 😉 Just googled that: http://www.nauticexpo.com/prod/griffon-hoverwork/product-25250-429411.html
  4. Hello togehter, first of all. This game is awesome - I love it 😄 I have some suggestions and liked a lot of the one already there. Some of them I posted comments. But some unread things I have in mind: Reduce auto saves, when entering vehicles, due in late games higher save times. Or at least provide an option for that like "Do not create a save, when the last one was 5-10-30 minutes before" A 3D print menu (cube). The 3rd dimension separates Stations, Vehicles and Energy / Supply things for better overview With SHIFT + Mouse Wheel an item from inventory will be hold to the mouse pointer. The mouse wheel exchanges the item with the next from the backpack. This prevents always for opening the backpack. When left clicking on empty slot or dropping that item while holding SHIFT, the next item from the backpack will be pulled out. Offer Planets with wider flat areas. Not everywhere on the planet extreme rough terrains should exist. Same in caves and also some higher biomes could be more vehicle friendly. Extra large land rover like the one presented once in a video 🙂 This will make it possible to have more slots than needed Liquids (oil, water, ....). Think you plant that already maybe. Space Station, where you can dock in, build solar panels, ... Transport Space Craft, which uses extra more fuel, but have a lot of more slots Hovercraft like mentioned in following thread, but pumped with air and driving by wind + propeller Balloon pumped with air 🙂 and moved with a propeller Nuclear power plants and materials A space craft with Ufo-like-technology, which needs water (and energy) for charging. Construct Portals light / crystal like technologies
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    Would be great also for seeing much farer (for example from a mountain). Also some markers could be provided to pin point some directions on the compass
  6. Please add a radar device for locating them. The better the radar, the more far and through more thick materials it can detect beacons and other gadgets
  7. werlpolf

    Conveyor Belts & Ladders

    Also a climbing feature and adding endurance to the character would be awesome. Like in Breath of the Wild 😉
  8. The buggy could have some better suspension to drive much smoother. A drifting and handbrake features is also nice. You could add Astronium to it for nitro effect
  9. werlpolf

    Printable Elevator!!!🤯

    +1 such things should definitely require much power
  10. The height set of the drill direction could be set via keys / or mouse. For example CTRL + mouse wheel. To reset the mode for camera direction, just hit 2 times CTRL
  11. werlpolf

    Mine Train

  12. also maybe an auto collect mode, when returning and reusing them again somewhere else would be nice 🙂 The mode can be set by observing it and clicking on some button on that item 😉
  13. Hello guys, I often got the bug above. For example when I am collecting items during the driving and like to enter and start driving. The rover, small and middle, is not moving. Often, after some time ( I doing some more things around the area ) the rover is functioning again. Another thing: When I am using my tool for removing ground nearby the rover, but I am not touching the vehicle, that vehicle sinks a little down and it get stuck again. When I try to get remove some ground under the rover, it sometimes get unstuck, but most times it get sunk again. If you cannot fix this, please provide the "flip" function, that the vehicle get somehow resettet again. Thanks. The game is actually awesome :-D