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  1. I'm new to Astroneer, having only played the 1.0 release. So far I think the game is incredible, but there are several areas which I think need considerable improvement. To initially explain, this is in the "Suggestions and Ideas" section even though the first point could be considered a bug report because the rest is larger and has to do with features. I had to pick a section. 1. Overall stability. When my friend connected to my game for the purpose of multiplayer, there is a very noticeable drop in FPS that does not go away. Furthermore, he has already died multiple times from falling through a glitching world and even lost his entire character once for some reason. For this reason he doesn't even really want to play with my until the game is updated. 2. Base management improvements. Parts (platforms, modules, anything) no longer in use should be deconstructable. It should be possible to flatten an area in such a way that the flattening takes into account the curve of the planet, as there is sometimes the need to flatten rather huge areas without ending up with a sharp drop at the edges. And finally, there should be a way to align platforms next to each other like they're on a grid. (Perhaps holding [ctrl] or [alt] or something when moving or rotating platforms should "snap" them to adjacent ones somehow.) This would be only for the purpose of aesthetics and symmetry. 3. Better terrain manipulation. Have you ever played Zoo Tycoon 2? There is one "terraforming tool" in it which Astroneer desperately needs: The "Smooth Terrain" tool. There are cases where players may have dug up massive unsightly holes and don't necessarily just want to flatten them over. Also there is the problem of wanting to create custom hills and mountains but make them nice and smooth. I love to hear thoughts and am willing to revise and clarify my descriptions to better formulate a description of the desired mechanics here. P.S. I read the rules and know it is preferable to split suggestions into multiple posts, but my desire here was to create a general report as to my initial needs within the game as a new player and share what is particularly glaring to me as needing improvement after only a short time playing.