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  1. This has made a nice difference, good to see the devs coming through, brilliant
  2. They did a patch soon after 1.0 release that drastically improved performance at the beginning of the game, we need to see the same improvement this time round for Xbox
  3. I feel you here bud, I’m not the biggest fan of having the benificial things fixed before the actual game but I can imagine different people are working on different things and it is only a small company so whoever’s job it is to get this fixed needs a big size 10 up their rear This is good to hear, I have posted a few frustrated threads now want to post something more positive
  4. Can’t even get that far game is so slow and FPS is right down can’t grind that hard, your guys persistence to get to the end is above and beyond. Still 5 planets in and can barely move around anymore
  5. There is no given time for i have just been informed through forums and stuff they where planning on having it, I have put a thread on this discussing it and wanted to know how many others would use it too. Apparently a fair few so sooner rather than later would be good
  6. I want to use tethers and I want to dig.. simple Astroneer does not have keyboard and mouse support as of just yet, it is intended but yes only keyboard works don’t buy new mouse yet bud
  7. They say they have been working furiously yet what have they got to show for all their work? Fixed a glitch, improved a tutorial that no one plays and stalled on improving the stability on Xbox, out right pethetic hence the frail patients
  8. Patch 1.09 has seen little improvement to performance but is far from playable, really want to get on and play the game but started a couple of saves now and get to about the same point having used minimal modules ect the game comes to a complete stand still. a lot of positives are being shown, scrap glitch and all but doesn’t make a difference for Xbox players as still can’t even play, this needs to be addressed the game is in a laughable state considering it’s a full release now, patients is started to frail.
  9. The game is several weeks past release, it had an extra period of development time. People are rightfully upset they can’t play an unfinished product, I hope they do fix it but your thread sounds very nieve.
  10. This can’t come soon enough, performance on Xbox still isn’t good enough but would love to see this added
  11. Having read thrpugh some of the issues raised by other players aswell as myself I think it is clear to say the stability and performance on the Xbox and Microsoft simply isn’t good enough. I have a lot of patients and time for this game however I’m struggling to get the enjoyment out of it once I’ve progressed to a certain point in the game. I’ve been very careful for example no tethers minimal modules and having dug 5 planets the game just comes to a standstill. the below surface rendering is a real issue and needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY!! Working furiously isn’t getting the job done.. work quickly and efficiently !!!
  12. This would very much depend if you wanted to save yourself time or not, personally played many games using a guide and simply having a look at what material is needed for each planet isn’t exactly game braking, at best dude you would just save yourself a little time the real challenge is getting there. Personally I’m trying to play through without dying so I just looked it up. People are boasting there greatness with a silly scrap glitch your still keeping it cool