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  1. Kev Cunning

    Thought patches for Xbox were coming out quicker?

    This is a shame I was hoping it would be bought inline with pc as maybe suggested with the last post but will just have to wait a few more days. Put the game down for the mean time it’s become unplayable, taken the shine off it for sure. If the next patch fixes it then il happily wait for further updates but if not will just pass on yet another potentially good game that doesn’t work on Xbox.. period
  2. Kev Cunning

    Patch 1.0.4 - February 9, 2019

    When is 1.04 coming to Xbox, needs it badly
  3. Kev Cunning

    Xbox help

    I’m using an original, getting X later this month so will test it then.
  4. Kev Cunning

    Xbox stability

    I have noticed removing my wind turbines has drastically increased the performance on Xbox. Not sure if this is something anyone else has noticed but I would recommend finding other ways to power your base, I had like 10 mini wind turbines and now they have gone everything is running much smoother
  5. I went a different route as didn’t have a repackager to bring my rover and drill back up. i made a drill mod 1 and booster mod, filled my bag with 4 resin, 3 organic, 2 O2 canisters and a small generator. i then made my way to the closest surface node in my rover placing a few beacons along the way to find my way back. Take note of what node you are at then jump of the side and start drilling straight down, I have the generator going to power the drill and mod and then make oxygen filters as my 02 levels get low (craft these one at a time as you need them) there are a couple of cave drops to watch out for but if your careful it shouldn’t be a problem, took me about 2-3 mins to get to the bottom. Once at the center you do what you need to do depending on which core it is then teleport back to the node you took note of in which you have your rover sat waiting for you. no collateral way to get to the core, works well for me I even go back and fourth to farm astronium this way
  6. Kev Cunning

    Xbox help

    Just a little note to help some Xbox players with stability a little (still not good but playable) first of all turn broadcast and capture off in settings. cloase all applications other than astroneer think about what you NEED at your home base (generally the busiest and laggiest part for me) move to other planets and set up small utility bases but don’t over do it, ie: no need for extra smelter and things like that. Repackage things like the atmospheric condenser and scrapper and take them with you. Having only one type of module in your split system seams to help teathers are a no go. I use 2 oxygen canisters and pick up resin to make oxygen filters. Only make the filters as you need them. I carry 2 or 3 bits of resin and that can keep me going for ages ( about an hour on a good run but if I find more resin which I tend to do a lot even longer) hopefully the stability improves over the coming weeks, progress has been slow but stick at it astroneers side not, so jelly of those smooth running steam players.. I wish
  7. I mosty agree, terrain 2.0 is certainly more challenging and as a cave dweller I much prefer the complexity of them, I have a nice tunnel road built into my xave to help keep my bearings
  8. Kev Cunning

    Hardcore mode

    Permanent death. If this was a thing it would greatly change the way a lot of us play the game. Just on my first play through of 1.0 so not ready yet but once I’ve completeted the game this would be an awesome way to play through increasing the difficulty further
  9. Kev Cunning


    Yes customisable setting would be nice weather it’s features an individual wants or for me personally mouse and keyboard support. Choice is always good let’s hope they can deliver
  10. Kev Cunning


    Agree with you mostly, not fussed about the storms and tbh they just lag the game out when playing with my mate. Bring them back back when the game can handle it 👍🏻
  11. Kev Cunning


    I am happy storms are not present in this current build, I can only say for Xbox players as that’s what I play but the crappy system isn’t good enough to cope, I’m glad they have taken this into consideration. Again I can only speak for myself but I much preferre the lag free environment over battling the elements and lag to get to safety to only get inches away and taken out by a box 😂 would be happy to see them return as it adds a nice dynamic to the game but stability has got to be the priority and tbh I can just deal with it
  12. Kev Cunning

    Moving forward

    I was able to get a couple of hours in before work this morning and am pleased to say to 1.03 update is looking good, shame we couldn’t get it day one but patients paid off in the end. Can’t wait to get stuck in and find the lag big purple on sylva before going to the center, fingers crossed it will remain stable as I go down deeper good stuff guys
  13. Kev Cunning

    Keyboard and mouse for Xbox

    Keyboard and mouse support is only available for a few games at the moment, unfortunately not many FPS games have it which would be most useful but yeah few titles are going down the route of kB/m which I think is great, controllers are flawed for a reason, and before anyone says it’s unfair, just buy one yourself
  14. Kev Cunning

    Keyboard and mouse for Xbox

    That’s awesome
  15. Kev Cunning

    Keyboard and mouse for Xbox

    I’ve posted this elsewhere but I’d like to know how many other Xbox players would benefit from having keyboard and mouse as an input option. It makes shaping the terrain a lot more controllable and just much easier to do everything. It’s seams astroneer was designed to use said but for obvious reasons it hasn’t been included so far. I know there are other issues concerning the game straight after realease but I for sure would love this to become a feature, thoughts anyone?