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  1. On Desolo. I activated the 2 surface teleporters. I can teleport between the 2 surface nodes. Now I want to get to the core. From a gameplay perspective it seems like I should be able to teleport from the surface nodes down to the core. But I can't, nothing happens when I click on the core node in the "odd stone" interface. So I suppose I'm gonna need to build a ramp down to the core? Is that right? And on every planet? Hmm, not sure how I feel about that.
  2. Used to be that you had a power extender in your pack and it would show up when you pulled on a power cord. Now: 1. Can't get the "pull power cord" behavior to work. 2. Can't place extenders on the ground by themselves. 3. Can't attach an extender to a plug. So how do I run a power cable down a hill now?