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  1. Ohh, family titles don't work? that sucks! My father Insists that EVERY game be shared, even though he never played, so we basically lost the suit. SES, Can you help? maybe give a code for us to redeem for the suit, cause all my friends have it, but I don't.
  2. Does is randomly appear, like normally on angles? that is called a world tear. It has been a bug for the entire games life. They are trying to fix it. Question, does the hole shoot you up through the world, or do you fall through to the center or something?
  3. Also, Retro Suit still missing devs!!! PLEASE fix this!!!
  4. Yeah, the devs thought they fixed this, but some of us still don't have it. IDK when it will be fixed for EVERYONE, but until then, we just gotta deal with it. The sad thing is, all my friends have it, but I don't, and i'm the one that got them all into the game! Devs, if you see this, please fix this! Maybe give us like a code to use in game and have it give a retro suit!
  5. What do you mean? does the game crash, send you thru a wall, or just not work? otherwise, I can't help at all.
  6. You have to use the plug on the rover. It is a 1 way power stream on gateways. If you are taking the cable on the gateway and plugging it in to the rover, it won't work. If thats not it, idk what to do.
  7. thats not good... try getting a rover seat over and get in it. that might glitch you out.
  8. Hm, Odd! That sounds like an old bug, and it is possible that the rover renders the ground as mined when you put it on. make sure that you have a safeguard and make sure the front of the rover is deactivated, but other than that, idk why that happens.
  9. I had that bug before too. I got a big gaming computer though, and that fixed it. my old CPU was a lenovo.
  10. Same. Everyone keeps saying "Oh, you didn't have the game before 1.0" or "Just wait, they will fix it!". It has been over a month, and still nothing! Devs, if you see this, PLEASE fix it! Also, I DID have the game before 1.0, I DID play with the retro suit before 1.0, and now, gone.
  11. already tried. nothing works! I have read all of the posts on how to fix it, from restarting, to dying in game, to reinstalling, nothing works! The fastest fix i think is to give a code to people with the glitch, but idk if thats possible with the way the retro suit is made.
  12. Also, if they can't figure this bug out, maybe just give some code on steam or something to everyone, and make it give them the retro suit, if that works. Its just sad that I still don't have my retro suit, and my friends are dying to see it!
  13. My Retro Suit is still missing! I remember playing with it, and it seems like most people got it fixed, but I didn't! please help!!! I did install the patch, and it still isn't there.
  14. This is after the fix for it, and my retro suit is still missing! they say that they fixed it, but they didn't for me!