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  1. it's not a driver issue the windows store version doesn't have this problem it's only the steam version that does. And i have both steam and windows store versions. i have ran both versions on the same computer
  2. like in my earlier post i have both steam and windows 10 store/xbox version. And this bug only happens on the steam version on the same computer
  3. the windows store version does not have this issue.
  4. I have the same issue butt i have the win10/xbox version and steam version and this bug is only present in the steam version. P.S i have the win10 version installed and played it on the same pc that the steam version is installed on.
  5. i Take it the two of you are playing the steam version cause that is a bug with the steam version only
  6. i can confirm that the windows 10 store version doesn't have this bug and steam version does i have both versions