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    Xbox - Can't unlock Glacio

    I think the problem is I had one gateway powered, saved, quit, and then the creative update happened. Now when I go back to the game the core is not unlocked even though I've powered a second gateway on the surface. This was the last planet I needed too which sucks.
  2. Oddly when I tried today the computer screen did work. Still crashed shortly after starting the credits.
  3. That's too bad. It was pretty convenient when you had to pick up a bunch of stuff. I guess it does prevent the frustration of accidentally hitting Y and having some random tether get picked up.
  4. After the update it's not possible to put items directly into the backpack with the Y button anymore. Now they have to be picked up with the trigger and then put in the backpack with Y. It really slows down resource gathering and crafting.
  5. I finished activating the gateway satellite last night and during the end game video the computer screen on the space station is blank. I watched a Youtube video to confirm there is supposed to be something displayed. The game also crashed just after the drop ship launched so the credits never displayed.
  6. k3rnelpanic

    Vehicles fall through ground, and other ground related issues

    I've had this issue and now resource items are falling through the ground. It's impossible to dig up a research item under a plant because it falls as soon as I start digging it out.
  7. k3rnelpanic

    Xbox, RT Pick up and drop issue

    As compared to upgrading from the Alpha? Or just a reinstall?