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  1. Windows 10, x64, steam version. Game used to be mostly stable. Today it occupied 96% ram (out of 16gb) and froze. Also guys, please fix the reversed stereo sound, eh?
  2. yami_san

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    In 1.0.9 on steam two terrible things happen in multilayer for me 1. Digging around any rover will make it sink into the ground until it's lost forever 2. Accidentally attaching winch which is on rover to stuff on the same rover will make it freak our forever and run away from you into low orbit
  3. I'm using normal stereo headphones (which I tested in browser and they are plugged in correctly) and I can confirm that something is really wrong with stereo sounds on Steam version 1.0.6 on windows 10 x64 Like launching trading platform on your left will make your right ear hear it. And large rover sounds very left-y.
  4. I feel like it should? Everything else seems to pick things up from smelter, soil centrifuge and and such. But here scrap falls on the ground.
  5. yami_san

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Steam version 1.0.4, win 10 x64 - Beacons on moving vehicles seem to turn themselves off sometimes. - Getting into medium rover cabin with another rover attached often causes inability to control them. Disconnecting and reconnection back rover helps.
  6. I've activated the core and don't have it still.
  7. yami_san

    Game keeps running after close

    Same problem
  8. Steam v 1.04 Xbox ONE controller. On screenshot it's second slot from the bottom right. Nothing can be moved there. Oh. Oops. I quit and reloaded the game. Turns out that slot had invisible packager in it which became visible.
  9. yami_san

    astroneer won't startup

    Had the same issue! Thanks!