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  1. my. buggy still melt in the ground when. driving. around the planet i playing. on Xbox. one. X 11-4-2019_9-02-39_PM-e42cwsry.mp4
  2. the last update I had crashing problems with this update my buggy still melts in the ground I had to delete my saves but I need to play this game at a later date I know deleting saves doesn't feel good .
  3. Since i clear my cloud. save and console. saves i have no crash but the frame rate can be improve.
  4. In my gameplay. I see 2bugs in my game my buggy car still melts in the ground the second. bug the soil centrifuge doesn't. work on platform. A 9-27-2019_8-53-06_PM-30dku5pq.mp4
  5. I deleted my cloud saves and console saves my gameplay is much better the next step is to build my buggy car to see if any problems are leftover.
  6. when my game crash it does this when I drive my buggy around for 15 or 20 minutes . I not playing my game in 4 k my tv is only 720 p
  7. the lastest astorneer update made my game crash on me I play on xbox one x need help
  8. I think I have a similer problem with the centrifuge I have compond that is stuck in there I cant get the compond out of the centrifuge and the centrifuge wont accept any soil canister full of soil
  9. I have the lastest game update still having problems
  10. I still get this dark screen problem when starting my game
  11. when I put my soil canister in the soil centrifuge it acts Iike I have nothing in the canister but the canister is full . the soil centrifuge wont work