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  1. xbox


    I did get the research pod unstuck by powering up one pod at a time can you fix this research pod so they don't get stuck together
  2. xbox


    i was digging and exploring the cave I found a research pod stuck together on planet sylva near the base where first getting started
  3. xbox

    bug xbox and pc

    have a bug need a fix I have this screenshot
  4. xbox

    digging bug

    I have this bug on my pc have gtx 1050 3.8 ghz 8 gigs video memory
  5. xbox

    digging bug

    i having this bug on my xbox one x and pc where I dig I see outside but when I dig the game play as normal
  6. how long you playing this game . did you bought this game and played this game in the preview game play ? could be a corrupt saves ? I bought this game 9 months a ago didnt play until the full release and my game never crash on me the only problem is the frame rate in the game and loading could be improve.
  7. try to clear persistent storage you can find this in disc and bluray in console settings try to do factory reset . if does not help contact xbox support
  8. have you try to uninstall your game power cycle for 10 seconds then wait for 30 seconds then turn on your xbox one console . you also can do this power cycle for 10 seconds then unplug your xbox one console for 30 seconds plug your xbox one in turn it on . try to add and remove your mirosoft account then sync your game to get your game saves back try to clear local game saves then sync to get your game saves back
  9. xbox

    Patch 1.0.4 - February 9, 2019

    to check for updates for this game on pc go to window and go to the top right of the page click on the 3 dots and go to downloads and updates you will see get updates click on it and it will scan for updates
  10. xbox

    Patch 1.0.4 - February 9, 2019

    so far there no update for the window store version of this game today I checked
  11. xbox

    Multiple Issues on Xbox One

    I play my game in offline mode the only problem is brief lag in game . internet can effect your gameplay try do some troubleshooting fixes for the game to see if it crash again . my internet not very good that I playing my game in offline mode to put your xbox one in off line mode go to your network settings
  12. have try to update your g force drivers on your pc and g force experience app
  13. xbox

    Patch 1.0.4 - February 9, 2019

    they need to fix lag problems or brief lag problem . on xbox one console and pc . also there other bugs people are having . im look forward the next update