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  1. TOMMYJG86

    Save games still will not save anything new

    Same here since 1.0.7 (done two posts about it). No research either.
  2. Update to the update! Tried playing this morning, and not even a single save is successful.
  3. This is an update to my previous post about this ( I have done a fresh install of 1.0.9, updated straight to 1.0.13. Unfortunately the saving a few times then not behaviour is still occurring. Today's rough log: Game time Just over an hour - Crashed after save Re-loaded - Game time 25 minutes - Failed to save after 3/4 success (by checking an update of the time stamp on the in game menu) Restart whilst still in Astroneer - Game time 10 minutes - Failed to save after 2 success Restart game completely - Game time 15 minutes - Failed to save after 2 success This is all happening in a large rover/single seat, doesn't matter the configuration. Annoyingly it is giving me the icon at the bottom to say it has saved. I am finding the update has helped performance, much smoother and running 10-20 FPS quicker because of it (For my average MSI laptop anyway). Just a shame I can't play for too long And at least I finally made it off Vesania!!!!!! (Every cloud and all that )
  4. Oooohhhh boy is this a problem! Currently on Vesania(?), unlocking all the Chambers, and since 1.0.8, the game only seems to want to save a handful of times per start up, then it says it is saving but doesn't actually do it (checking the Menu time stamp confirms this). Checked again in 1.0.9, same deal. Annoyingly I lost 3 hours before I noticed the first time. Don't get me wrong, I can keep checking the time stamp to make sure its been successful, but as i'm constantly jumping in and out of Large Rovers and Shuttles whilst traversing the planets to unlock chambers, I will forget. Also it means I can't host our multiplayer game either as (and we've tested this) it also stops saving, and I have to quit, meaning so does everyone else. Good job i'd made all the stuff I need before this behaviour started!
  5. Put this under the patch notes really should be here, sorry! So, completed 3 planets under 1.0.6. Now in 1.0.7 they haven't unlocked the suits or achievements. These were in single player. Some specific multiplayer ones haven't done in 1.0.6 or 1.0.7 either (as in, both haven't caught up, and one which should have unlocked in 1.0.7 hasn't)
  6. TOMMYJG86

    Patch 1.0.7 - February 21, 2019

    Sadly the amount of crashes, particularly in multiplayer (WIN10), has gotten worse, atleast for afew of us anyway. In the last 4 hours we've lost 2 shuttles and the contents of 4 backpacks in the past 2 hours. Was much more stable before that. Also, despite a restart or two, i'm not unlocking the suits etc for the planets I completed under 1.0.6, any ideas? Got all my others back and got a new one under 1.0.7, but it hasnt seemed to catch up......
  7. So loading a save in the core, and it loaded with the character and camera upside down. Moving around has the correct animation, but it runs with the helmet on the ground until you hit a gravity switch point, then it goes a little crazy whilst it figures it out, then corrects itself.
  8. So, making a slope downwards (as you do), and if the angle is steep, and you start hitting resources, if the back end of the tool/"developing" resource is clipped into the terrain, when it finished and should drop to the floor, it drops down through the terrain instead. Not ideal as i'd probably want to back later and pick it up again! Some of the drops are huge! (Win10, 1.0.3)
  9. Also had this happen to us today (WIN10 V1.0.3), but i've had it happen before 1.0. No idea where our tractor is. We were very low down so i'm guessing either last level or even the centre..... Not just vehicles though, happens with pretty much everything. Clipping seems to be off, particularly if its some terrain i've placed using the tool, like ramps.
  10. Update - Tractor - Packing and unpacking the tractor "fixed" the issue. Small solar - Restart fixed issue, hasn't occurred again.
  11. Win 10 version.....whichever it was on the 6th :) Tractor - I had a medium storage attached to the front, took it off, now i can't attach anything to it again, single or double slot. Caves - Believe its been reported already, but digging to a point where you can see "through" the cave. Although unlike the other post I've seen where "that was it", i also tried to deform it. It was like the harder material animation, then the harder rock appeared over where is a was deforming. Small solar - Odd one this, when I came out of a shuttle, the small solar on the shoulder slot of the backpack glitched, its still working and animating to the correct size and position, but the dish is now offset from its 'stalk'? This stays the same whichever slot in the backpack its placed, on a vehicle, building or just on the floor.