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  1. Summary: 1.0.3 - Steam - Unable to retrieve Rubber if left in Chemistry Lab when quitting the game Description: After I built my first Chemistry Lab, I cooked up some Rubber and left it in the Chemistry Lab output slot. I then did a Save & Quit, and reopened Astroneer afterwards. When I got back into my save, I discovered that I could not retrieve the Rubber that was in the Chemistry Lab. I could not pick it up and move it using left click, nor could I add it to my inventory with shift-click. Trying to make a new composite material in the Chemistry Lab does move the Rubber out automatically (but only if you have free storage space on the platform). Repackaging the Chemistry Lab also works as a fix, causing the Rubber to pop out during the packaging process. Bug is reproducible using Rubber, but not Plastic. It's possible that other composite materials may be affected, but I don't have the resources to test everything. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.0.3 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: Intel i7 4790K 4.4GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080Ti
  2. While playing a 2-player co-op game last night, we found Astronium on Sylva and proceeded to harvest a large amount with our terrain tools. Multiple trips were made, and we probably ended up with something like 30 chunks of the stuff. As we were researching the chunks of Astronium, we found that certain chunks simply weren't recognized by our Research Chambers. We could slot the Astronium into a Research Chamber, but the control panel display no values for for it and we could not start the research. It was as if we were putting Compound into the Research Chamber. We tried multiple Research Chambers and none of them could research these particular chunks of Astronium. We just had to create a separate pile for these "dead" chunks, of which we have found 3 so far.
  3. While hosting a co-op game of astroneer yesterday, my co-op client encountered the known terrain sync'ing issues multiple times, and had to leave and rejoin the session to fix it. In doing this, we discovered that if the co-op client uses the option "Quit to Main Menu", the co-op session does not save their character. Every time my co-op client did this, their inventory and location in the solar system got deleted. When they tried to rejoin, it was as if they had never played in our co-op game before, getting sent down in the drop pod to the landing pad at the starting Shelter with an empty inventory. In our testing, they had zero issues if they used the option to quit to desktop. It was only when they quit to the main menu that they would lose everything.
  4. In early access builds, I recall seeing long chains of tethers display moving yellow lights when power was being transferred through the lines. This no longer appears to be happening in the 1.0.3 update on Steam. You will see the power transfer animation on your astroneer's line that connects to the nearest tether, but will not see the power transfer animation occurring on any of the tether-to-tether lines leading back to your source of power.
  5. As the title states, Oxygenators appear to have no animations for clients in co-op. My client in a co-op game saw no animations on any of our Oxygenators (like the blue bar filling up or the little fan spinning). As the host however, I was able to see it just fine.
  6. Was playing co-op last night and my client experienced repeated issues with resources reappearing. For instance, the client mined a bunch of compound at a specific location. When he came back to this location about a half hour later, he discovered that all the compound nodes at that location were visible again, but ungatherable. They were just ghosts / non-interactable. This happened again when I mined out some malachite on my own at at a different location, and then when he came over to take a look, all of the malachite nodes were still visible to him, but ungatherable. May be worth noting that we were separated for both of these incidenta. He was alone in gathering the compound, I was alone in gathering the malachite. Seems like some kind of client desync.
  7. Moovry

    1.0.3. Steam - Small shuttle range unlimited?

    I was surprised to see this too. With how limited the shuttle range was pre-release, it doesn't seem right. Though if this is just an intentional quality of life change they made, I will happily accept it. Always hated waiting for the planet I wanted to slowly revolve into range.
  8. Moovry

    Teterain seams and holes

    My co-op client reported the same issue. I saw no holes or tears as the host, but he kept having problems with it. It seemed like it was mostly happening in spots where he had previously modified the terrain. He could make a ramp or fill in a pit, and then come back a half hour later only to discover a hole straight through the world. Playing on Steam, Windows 10, v1.0.3.
  9. Same issue here. Have had research items, scrappable debris, and backpacks all fall through the world so far. In most cases, it seems like it happens when the item is almost fully covered by terrain and you try to dig it out.
  10. Moovry

    Tethers not working

    Pup is probably right about that being the cause. Tethers won't connect to the shelter without the oxygenator. Though I would recommend that tethers should not show a preview of linking up to the shelter if they are not actually going to.