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  1. As a matter of fact, that 0% of the players have unlocked that achievement tells that it's pretty surely bugged at the moment
  2. I had this with the early access build, not now anymore, when I exited directly to desktop. I could get around that bug by exiting to menu first and then exit the game to desktop.
  3. I do not know, since I haven't reached any of the planet's cores yet. But many say that that achievement doesn't trigger.
  4. I noticed the weird controls too, only when the drill was enabled. And hopefully they will change the elevation of the drill to different controls since, as you pointed out, the camera will be obscured by the rover when trying to bring it upwards.
  5. You can get the Barrier Buster achievement done when you put it on the front of a vehicle and tunnel with it that way.
  6. It's a Gateway and yes some appear elevated. But nothing a bit of terrain building cannot solve
  7. For the first time since release I made a drill, Strength 3, placed it on the crane, and went drilling on Glacio. This did not trigger the achievement. When I placed the same drill on the front of my Large Rover and as soon as I started tunneling with that, the achievement triggered. So I do not know if it's crane-specific or drill 3 specific, as I cannot try this again, obviously.
  8. When working on a slope and the back part of the Terrain Tool, where the resource is collected, is clipping through the terrain the resource will fall through the terrain, basically losing it, when it cannot go to backpack when that is full. When it's not clipping it will fall on the ground fine, but when clipped like this (attached picture) it will consistently.
  9. And without the oxygenator the tethers won't be supplied. I once removed it, and saw them all go dark.
  10. I had too that sometimes it just didn't move, and I kept trying to drive and all of a sudden it responded again. Other thing that happened, luckily it wasn't expensive to replace, was when I went down some ramps into the cave I started digging, it had too much momentum and I sorta lost control and it fell into a bit of a ditch I could not get it out by driving. So, like I've done before in the previous built I tried filling the ditch up with the terrain tool, but it actually got not bumped up by the terrain I created and fell through. So I lost my first tractor, with its medium storage and small wind turbine and generator attached to it. Luckily it wasn't too costly to replace, but it felt a bit sad losing it like that.