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  1. TheChillin'Villain

    1.0.7 Vehicle sinks into the ground

    Possibly due to nearby terrain deformation, vehicle sinks and clips through the ground, ending up in the cavern below it.
  2. Vehicle reacts poorly to nearby terrain deformation, and model explodes until I got into the vehicle, at which point it shot upwards and flung the other two rovers "somewhere" that we haven't found.
  3. TheChillin'Villain

    Multiple Achievements bugged

    I was finally able to get the Roads achievement by literally launching a car into space with a thruster. The other two are still bugged.
  4. TheChillin'Villain

    Multiple Achievements bugged

    It never even occurred to me to do that, since it wasn't a thing in the alpha. Is that how you're expected to get "Journey to the Center of the Thing", as well?
  5. TheChillin'Villain

    Multiple Achievements bugged

    I am unable to obtain the following achievements: Barrier Buster - I've hit the center of every planet, and used both the level 3 personal drill and level 3 crane drill on every type of terrain I can find. Delve Greedily and Deep - I've dug to the center of every planet. Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads - I built a massive sky ramp, and have driven every type of car into the air for at least 11 seconds. Journey to the Center of the Thing - I've gone to the center of Sylva in a friends game, and been there when they completed the planet.
  6. TheChillin'Villain

    1.0 Vehicle issues

    Was PC hosting coop with another, and was streaming and can provide video. 1. Sometimes vehicles will not move. Disconnecting various things such as connected trailers or the car seat will fix it. 2. Sometimes the trailers or pulled connected Rover will suddenly have ice physics, sliding and fish tailing widely. Disconnecting the pulled vehicle and reconnecting fixes it. 3. As a guest, entering a rover seat sometimes launches you into space. 4. Sometimes, when exciting a vehicle, the camera remains locked on the vehicle rather than the player. Sometimes this can be fixed by interacting with another vehicle, but usually required suicide.
  7. We've also experienced this bug. It didn't happen to me, but my friend experienced it repeatedly while I was hosting. We we streaming at the time, so we have video if necessary.