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  1. Biostar Ten

    Astroneer Ressources Guide per Planet

    Maybe help a bit Calidor Malachite Novus Hematite Vesania Lithium mountain walls or underground Glacio Titanite/Aluminum/Quartz Underground (Titanite drill mod 1) Sylva Graphite/Copper/Amomium in the mountains Glacio Hematite surface
  2. Biostar Ten

    Astroneer Always starts on second monitor

    Have you got it set for "extend these displays"? or could unplug the 2nd display start it up and plug it back in, maybe it'd stick
  3. Biostar Ten

    Items to Improve Vehicle Drills

    Better traction and slower speed
  4. Biostar Ten

    1.0.7 - Large rover drilling - sinks into ground

    Lost 4 rovers like that, couldn't dig them 0ut and 2 large rovers
  5. Biostar Ten

    Astroneer Ressources Guide per Planet

    That is excellent.
  6. Biostar Ten

    Automatic take off on Desolo

    I've had that on Desolo
  7. Biostar Ten

    Possible bug, Large Storage

    Two large storage fit and work in a large shuttle. One large storage does not fit in a medium shuttle
  8. Biostar Ten

    help with first travel to another planet

    At minimum, all you need is a spare thruster (just in case), and fill the backpack with compound and resin and one quartz for a beacon so you can find the same area on your next trip. Tractors don't work too well yet.Usually there's a cave nearby when you land, empty the backpack except for 1 resin and two compounds(for tethers)
  9. Biostar Ten

    Vehicle movement while using drills

    Have that too, also occasional exit vehicle send me way up in the air and then I crash and die, and build a tractor for the ride back.
  10. Biostar Ten

    Can one still mine ammonium?

    Glacio is the best place I found for almost everything. Occasionally graphite too
  11. I put a built a tractor, and the charge does not last too long. sometimes no sun sometimes no wind. I put an rtg , and a storage and a drill on it and it's fine. However, too fast downhill too slow uphill. (Sometimes) No parking brake when you exit on an incline. when drilling it is too hard to control the slope. If you fall into a pocket with the drill on it takes right off uncontrollably. I went to the center (unintentionally) because I had no clue about depth, and leaving it was difficult because every time you drill it slopes one way or the other and leads back to the center. It took 2 hours to finally make a path out. An in-game location map and a compass would help. A way to set slope or incline and speed would help. Thanks