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  1. Performance update that's upcoming (see YouTube) should fix this. They're giving the XBox some TLC too.
  2. Same here, and it used to work. I have no idea why it does the bloat thing. CPU: Core i5-7200U; IGPU: Intel HD 620; 8 GB RAM; 5400 RPM HDD
  3. Alright. Good news. I was able to load my 1.0.9 game just fine, as expected, with no memory bloating. In fact I unlocked Sylva and the satellite. One issue that occurred to me is I/O. My system is on a *slow* as heck HDD, 5400 RPM. When there's other apps sucking down bandwidth, it takes longer (as would be expected), and that might play a role in it bloating. Just a thought.
  4. I just remembered something. It had crashed because I "suddenly" developed an issue with my sound drivers. Maybe it bloats because it's trying to gather debug/crash data to send out, but it hangs on something, so instead it just turns into a digital puffer fish.
  5. Well, I loaded it, 3, 4 times past coupla days. Worked like a charm. Now, same behaviour. Very very odd, and I don't understand what's going on. I'm having to kill the process in process hacker because it bloats to 8+ GB, and once even took down most of the OS (forcing a reboot) - I think "ShellExperienceHost" crashed so I had no desktop. Win10 64bit, 8 GB RAM, IGPU: Intel HD 620 CPU: i5-7200U 7th gen
  6. 1.0.9 update fixed this for me beautifully. Thanks devs
  7. I get the same thing. Though before one time in 3 it would load. Now, it doesn't, at all. Dunno what's up. I thought it might be "game files", so I ran a check in Steam on them, Steam client says they're OK. Same amount of system RAM, though lower spec'ed (I though that might be an issue, but I see it isn't that).
  8. I'll dig, and instead of being smooth, and/or punctuated by a very short stop (I'm running an Intel IGU, on 8 GB RAM, I don't expect miracles, heh) - which is the behaviour from before, I get a slow staccato of digging. Dig stop dig stop dig stop dig stop, every 2 seconds or so - makes for very uneven terrain. It could be due to my low to medium low spec'ed machine I'm encountering CPU or memory bottleneck.
  9. ericlnu

    Random flying bug

    +1 I've already died to this once. Also I bounce around what seems like randomly, while digging, and I'll start sinking, then pop back up on top. It's like the ground turns into oatmeal then it becomes solid again. Another bug I'm seeing [I'll make another post for this], is when digging, I get issues.