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    has anyone been able to play it on windows 10?

    Found the answer at least for me ( which I think is absurd ) Even though we have windows 10 looking at the game requirements it needs at least windows 10 ver 17763.0 which came out in October. Now for some reason even though I have windows set to auto update and also check every day to make sure windows is actually checking , looked when I powered on and saw the last check for updates message with todays date. No sign of any update for windows. Maybe 15 presses of the check for updates button and suddenly it decides now to download an update. Finished that and opened the MS store to check for updates and finally its deciding to download as my windows version is now high enough. Bonkers that it wont install on an almost up to date version of windows , when the steam version is happy no matter what.
  2. Richard Symons

    Is this a joke?

    If it hasnt been properly tested then it should not have been added to the retail 1.0 release.
  3. Richard Symons

    has anyone been able to play it on windows 10?

    I have been trying for the last hour to work out how to update to 1.0 on windows. Updated and played fine on xbox but windows still launches the last game preview version and does not seem to want to update.