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  1. Joshua Cox

    Patch 1.0.7 - February 21, 2019

    I've been randomly launched into the air as well, but I'm not so sure about that. When it happened to me, I was shot up vertically; but from my experience, those plants launch me more horizontally than vertically. Plus when you step on one of those plants, they make a sound when they throw you. When I was shot up, there was no sound. It's as if I was just teleported into the sky.
  2. Joshua Cox


    Just finished the game, and wow! Loved the ending! Thanks for all the work and love you put into this game System Era team!
  3. Joshua Cox

    Extenders in

    Huh... interesting
  4. Joshua Cox

    A crash...

    Well... that's mildly infuriating... Spent an hour or two boring a tunnel from the surface to the core of Glacio. Reached the core, made my way back to the surface to make some more tethers. On the way up, the game froze and crashed... Well there goes a few hours of work down the drain! Though, I suppose I did have a chance to prevent some of the loss when I traveled back to the surface when I was mid-way through the planet by hopping in my shuttle. Though I didn't think about it. Oh well.. the devs already have a crash report for it since I'm on the Windows store version. Guess I'm heading back to the grind then.
  5. Joshua Cox

    Retro Suit gone v1.0.6.0

    Just the suits yes. Stuff unlocked from the catalog in your pack does not seem tp be effected.
  6. Joshua Cox

    Retro Suit gone v1.0.6.0

    it doesn't appear to be confined to Xbox. I've discovered the same issue on WIN 10. retro suit is gone and unlocked stuff is now locked.
  7. Joshua Cox


    Having the same problem on WIN 10 with version all previously unlocked suits and suit colors are locked and retro suit has completely vanished from the options.
  8. Joshua Cox

    Extenders in

    DanielCoffey, in a way, I find it better than the previous method. With the way it was in the past, I would often inadvertently place an extender when I was trying to left-click to release the cable. Then I would try to pick the extender back up and pull out the extender's cable instead (just because the hit box for interaction is small and very close to that of the power cable). Then I would left-click again to let the cable go, only to place another extender. Sometimes this mildly annoying loop would happen to me. With this new system, that can't happen anymore.
  9. I've had this happen to me as well. Twice. First time on Atrox, I started walking to a gateway node, I brushed by my shuttle and was shot up like, twice as high as that. Second time on Atrox, I was several layers down in a cave, heading towards the core. I just carted digging, when I was teleported to the roof of the cave (It was an extremely large cavern. Luckily, I somehow did not take damage when I landed. The first time on the surface I did and died not unlike how you died in that video. For the devs: Version/ Build: Computer specs: OS: Windows 10 home Version: 1809 Processor: Intel Core i3-8130U CPU @ 2.20 GHz 2.21 GHz Installed RAM: 8 GB System Type: x64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
  10. Joshua Cox

    Extenders in

    Hey! it worked! Thanks for the advice njord8472!
  11. Joshua Cox

    Extenders in

    Does anyone know how to use the extenders? Before 1.0, if I had some on my pack, a hologram of one would just appear when I pulled a power cable to its fullest length. I could just click and an extender would place. Now I don't see that. Could someone help me out?
  12. Loving the 1.0 release so far! Nothing has seemed to go horribly wrong so far but I have seen several visual glitches that have caused no harm but are annoying to look at. I am not entirely sure when this started happening after I started playing the 1.0 release, but it doesn't show any signs of stopping. The holograms in the backpack printer start fidgeting around, like it's being shaken. Moving the camera around seems to exacerbate it. I can make it stop by clicking one of the arrows to select another item to craft, but if I exit the backpack and reopen it, the holograms will be fidgeting again. It may have started happening when I began planet hopping. Also, this happened (look at screenshot). I placed the medium battery and wind turbine into the storage area of my large shuttle without repackaging them before blasting off from Novus and landing on Glacio. They looked normal when I put them on the rocket, and they looked like this when I pulled them out on Glacio. Other than the misalignment of the power cells of the battery and the energy thing of the turbine, they work fine. And putting them back on the shuttle and flying back to Novus did not seem to fix them. Also, you cannot see it in the photo, but the panel of my small solar is also misaligned with its stem. Not really sure what caused it. I just looked at my solar and noticed it was displaced. Closing the game and restarting it does seem to fix these misalignments, but it does not fix the backpack hologram's fidgeting. Another more serious bug I have encountered is happens when saving and quitting the game. If I use the save and quit option instead of save and quit to main menu, The game freezes and will not unfreeze until I force the game to close and then restart it. Fortunately, it does seem to save the progress. it just doesn't close. I hope all this info helps!
  13. Joshua Cox

    Where is the update (windows)

    I did have a Windows update to install and now the update for Astroneer is now installing!
  14. Joshua Cox

    Where is the update (windows)

    I've gone into the MS and manually refreshed the updates and nothing. The store says Astroneer was last modified last November. help?