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  1. Joshua Cox

    Sylva's Entities Found off the Planet

    The game actually crashed in the background while I was writing this topic, and when I reloaded the game, I was back on the tower I made just before I took off in the rover. I tried to make it happen again, but it wouldn't happen. I just kept spinning out of control in the vast emptiness of space.
  2. Ok, I have just entered a whole other level of weird. I was messing around trying to see how far away from the planets I could get. I terrain built my way up from Desolo as far as I could possibly go then spawned in a rover and strapped a thruster to it. I hopped in and took off. After spiraling out of control, I crash landed into what appears to be the entities found on Sylva (trees, rocks, resources, etc.) but it was off the planet, as in, I can see Sylva from where I am! I can dig through and collect the resources in the ground but the terrain is invisible. This is just crazy.
  3. Joshua Cox

    Wrong color maybe?

    Is this jet thing suppose to be magenta? I though these things were suppose to be the same color as the surrounding soil. I could be wrong.
  4. So uh.. this happened. I just teleported from Desolo to Glacio to grab some iron and discovered this at the east node. No idea how it happened. This is on Windows 10.
  5. I just watched the ending cinematic on the Windows 10 version and I noticed that the portal my avatar walks into was missing. I was not able to replicate it. Everything was normal the next time through. Still a cool ending though!
  6. Joshua Cox

    Spiral Gravity Pillars Missing on Calidor

    Good news! Saving and quitting to the main menu and going back in made the pillars generate properly. Unfortunate bad news: I left my two-car rover train near one of the pillars that directly connects to the cores. Attaching a winch to it got it out. FYI do NOT place a winch hooked to a rover onto said rover, especially in a low-gravity environment. Chaos will ensue.
  7. Joshua Cox

    Spiral Gravity Pillars Missing on Calidor

    I don't know if it matters, but this is in creative mode.
  8. I really have no idea how this happened. I drilled into the core of Calidor with my large rover only to discover that all of the purple spiral pillars pointing to the core are missing. All the other planets I have visited in this save have their pillars. The input sections that tell you what resource to put in to activate the gateway engine is blank as well. This is on the Windows 10 edition.
  9. Joshua Cox

    Rover Gravity Issues

    I used the new paver to make a path as far up as I could go in my large rover on Desolo. Once I drove off the path, gravity no longer affected my rover. It was just floating there. It drifted a little and would rotate a little bit. It didn't seem to respond to trying to change its pitch and yaw with WASD. The UI gave me the option to flip the rover. I did and then the rover froze, as if it were stuck in terrain. Covering it partially with terrain managed to push it out of this frozen state. After dying several times, I managed to bring a winch up and attach it to the rover. That finally freed the rover and allowed me to bring it down to solid ground. All this also applied to any loose items I put out there with the rover. Astroneer gravity is weird.
  10. Joshua Cox

    Patch 1.0.7 - February 21, 2019

    I've been randomly launched into the air as well, but I'm not so sure about that. When it happened to me, I was shot up vertically; but from my experience, those plants launch me more horizontally than vertically. Plus when you step on one of those plants, they make a sound when they throw you. When I was shot up, there was no sound. It's as if I was just teleported into the sky.
  11. Joshua Cox


    Just finished the game, and wow! Loved the ending! Thanks for all the work and love you put into this game System Era team!
  12. Joshua Cox

    Extenders in

    Huh... interesting
  13. Joshua Cox

    A crash...

    Well... that's mildly infuriating... Spent an hour or two boring a tunnel from the surface to the core of Glacio. Reached the core, made my way back to the surface to make some more tethers. On the way up, the game froze and crashed... Well there goes a few hours of work down the drain! Though, I suppose I did have a chance to prevent some of the loss when I traveled back to the surface when I was mid-way through the planet by hopping in my shuttle. Though I didn't think about it. Oh well.. the devs already have a crash report for it since I'm on the Windows store version. Guess I'm heading back to the grind then.
  14. Joshua Cox

    Retro Suit gone v1.0.6.0

    Just the suits yes. Stuff unlocked from the catalog in your pack does not seem tp be effected.
  15. Joshua Cox

    Retro Suit gone v1.0.6.0

    it doesn't appear to be confined to Xbox. I've discovered the same issue on WIN 10. retro suit is gone and unlocked stuff is now locked.