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  1. I second this. Would be great to have a solution. Auto-detecting a language with no option to change it is all sorts of bad in my opinion.
  2. disgruntled

    Game does not run in English

    Thanks for the reply otavio. Windows installs the games you buy from their store under windowsApps it seems. And we have no access to that folder from what I could see, unfortunately.
  3. disgruntled

    Game does not run in English

    That would have been great, except for the fact that its a Windows Store Game. Which means the game is installed in a folder you don`t have access to, so I can`t run it with special launch options. And right clicking the shortcut on windows 10 gives you very limited options. Thanks, Microsoft.
  4. disgruntled

    Game does not run in English

    Hi, I`m currently in Brazil, sharing my computer with someone who does not speak english. However, I`d like to play my game in English and it doesn`t let me select the language, it simply assumes I want it in portuguese. Is there a solution to this problem? Mine is the windows store version, btw. Windows 10.
  5. I have registered here to post this one problem I have found that absolutely removes my enjoyment of the game. It's not in English. And I can't for the life of me figure out how to change it back to English with the Windows Store version. There aren't any settings in game to change it and not only have I altered the pc's region but also my live ms account to english and it still launches in portuguese. How do I solve this?