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  1. Odhan

    Patch 1.0.9 - March 1, 2019

    This should have been addressed before release, it's an insult. I backed this game in EA and really expected better, the single player is fun but the multiplayer is totally broken. It's developers like you that have stopped me from buying EA games, you just can't be trusted.
  2. Odhan

    Big purple requirements

    The whole concept seems a bit unpolished to me, like some quickly tacked on "end game" content. Although the funky gravity and the idea of a planet core is pretty cool, it just feels like it's not fully realised. The teleportation method is a bit odd as well with you hovering to a point above the node and loading into the other area, gives the impression of a botch, as if there were a few more preferable methods but the devs couldn't get them to work so settled for hovering on an invisible stool. Would be infinitely better if there was an actual portal you could walk through. As it is, powering 1 node to unlock the centre is much more preferable than say having to power all nodes. That would be a very boring grind, just to be rewarded with access to a series of awkward teleports.
  3. Odhan

    Patch 1.0.6 - February 15th, 2019

    +++ to this, multiplayer being playable should be considered an essential for a fully released game. It's a bit insulting that 1.0 is here and multiplayer performs so poorly. I see it's their top priority, which is great (before I get pounced on by advanced members). Looking forward to it improving in the next patch so hopefully my friends who have already refunded the game will consider giving it another go.
  4. Odhan


    I'm very interested in seeing this. I think Geothermal is the last thing I can research, but when I put something in the research module that was unknown it found nothing - and I'm not talking about the loot handouts, this did the research random selection and then blank result need to keep looking
  5. Odhan

    How to stay flat?

    Thanks for the replies, I've only just started with this game so I'm not up on their dev blog or road map. I imagine this will be something they look at along the way, it would be so satisfying to make a big sprawling base that was all flat :3
  6. Odhan

    How to stay flat?

    Really enjoying this game, but no matter how much I smooth the terrain whenever I place a new pod/module it never stays on the same level as the smoothed terrain. It seems to sink below as I add theb1 Resin to make it branch. Is this something that's being fixed in an upcoming patch? Is there a way to work around this? Thanks