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  1. another thing with the research chamber:is this suposed to be able
  2. another bug with the packager you cant pack something you hold. (yes you can package Research objects)
  3. if you mine whilst waling into a corner you can mine and glitch through blocks I have found 2 implications for this get to my bace that isn´t next to a portal get to a cave with with tethers when i accidentaly glitch in a not explored cave
  4. I have to say now that i can control it a lot more it can be quiet fun and usefull maybe this bug isnt that bad at all
  5. again from almost the botom to the side of my selfmade cave in in the wall and air at the same time (i saw through the wall to the bottom) I mined something not at my cave and flew upwards I didn´t get falldamage (probobly because of my hight the area got unloaded and wasn´t fully loaded when I hit the ground) got some nice pics from novus (as proof)
  6. I died only 4 times by this 3 time I ended up in a cave and had no oxygen to nor found my teters.
  7. it is a normal thing you get stuck into a block and shot up i have a bug report
  8. if you land on the Sunsystem^s telelportationpoint and used a twice of four times used engine the engine will be destroyed whilst you arive by that you can't go any where else since you keep you oxigen levels up so you can^t get killed and can^t fly away. also when I wanted to show it as a photo and i took my ship i placed it next to the station (not enough space in the way to the mid platform where i wanted it to be placed) and it fell of without an other planets core you unlocked you are suflocked I reloaded twice for this thing
  9. I stood on top of the Platform where [the power puts down the Blocks as long as you have enough power]. edit: {plug in power and they jump up dont have enough power and get stuck I gouldn´t get out the cables were unreachable and the buggy was to far away (i saw him through a gap.} i pluged in a unpowered generator chain and i got stuck [if you´d save it would be a Soflock]. fixed by reloading from latest Rover entery Save point.
  10. also i got kicked up by this bug whilst making a tunnel (you can also have spots on the ground where this happens) i was in green purple whilst the ground became non solid like a levitating fluid. i was thrown to orange brown and have no idea where my items are. again
  11. Summary: Two bugs: one Place i found a ravine kind of place whilst playing around i got catapultet up in to the sky after bugging into the ground, when trying to repoduce it the second time i got thrown into a cave. Description: by jumping and ocasionaly mining soil at a thight spot (see 20190206105026_1.jpg) i glitched throug the ground to the side and down whilst being catapultet upwards. (becaus of your if in soil than fly up deglitching method wich safed me many times because of falling into the soil whilst mining and getting up again). when you get catapulted out you can reach great hight and fall to your deat even on higher level soil (see 20190206105155_1.jpg). also you can get into caves without oxigen (20190206110520_1.jpg) Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Win 64 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz, 2601 MHz, 2 cores, 4 logic proccesors GPU: ? RAM: 16 GB total virtual storage 30.9 GB