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    Severe FPS Drop

    I dont know how to tell exactly what mine was (on xbox), but I wasn't even able to get far enough along to build vehicles before the FPS got really low to where I can't play....
  2. Dr Caterpillarz

    Severe FPS Drop

    Bought the game on xbox one. Started playing for about an hour or two and while the game started off great by the end it had such a low FPS that it was rendered unplayable. When I disconnect from the tethers it improves slightly but not much, still not enjoyable to play. Two possible issues: one is I have a lot of tethers out and two I have explored a lot. Ive tried restarting the xbox and game and nothing helps. I read a lot about this problem on computer and they have some options but I see no solutions for xbox yet. I was starting to become addicted to this game it seems like it will be great so I'm anxious for some help.