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  1. He meant you could make solar panels with compound, more solar panels means more fuel condensers kept at full power.
  2. I've never actually used that in a serious capacity But I did check, it produces enough power to produce 3 and 3/4 hydrazine, while costing 4 hydrazine. Conversely, you don't want to give an new player the big [insert explicitive], for making a simple mistake. This isn't dark souls. And realistically speaking, it's made of Hydrogen + Nitrogen, so perhaps needing water to make it?
  3. Obviously not on purpose...
  4. Actually, I thought that the hydrazine you can find was just so you'd have fuel if you landed on a planet unprepared.
  5. Nematrec


    A lot of us are having fun with the sliding glitch. Would be great to have that in a way we can control ^.^ So... hoverboards!
  6. Trading is great! Especially if you're setting up colony and need lots of resin and a some lithium. But then there's the Fuel condenser -> Trading abuse... Here my idea for balancing it without outright nerfing anything. (No one likes nerfs D:) Upkeep: Small amount of fuel, perhaps 1/8 tank per launch Supply and Demand: Renewable resource devalued if a lot is sold in a short amount of time. Value increases back to normal levels over time. Limited amount of Rarer resources that can be bought over a short period of time. Selling them restores or increases this limit