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  1. hello system era support, I have a really annoying bug that makes the game unplayable for me : every time I use the terrain tool i glitch through the floor , this is unplayable. And even worse if there is a cave system in the area, i simply drop to the cave and suffocate because it's to far from my previous position. I hope you guys can fix this in any way.
  2. hello system era While playing on your new testing planet , i tried to make a large shuttle, this was really hard. I had the right ingredients (2 ceramic, 2 titanium alloy) but the hologram was purple so i was unable to craft it. I started using my terain tool, i flattened it it hobbeled a bit, went blue for a split second the back to pruple, although the ground was equally flat, I needed to find the PERFECT spot to start printing it. This may be a frustrating issue for when you release this now called "testing planet".
  3. Hello system era I have experiencing (others to) a lot of laggs when placing tethers, after i have placed some. This may be an issue with my bad pc. But others also have this issue, I can see why this could be a hard thing to change and make good. But i think if you guys are able to fix this, your game will be waay more enjoyable and new players will like it more to. I can get it if this takes a while to fix, it seems like a really long connection of tethers from your base all the way to your cave for example.This is maybe my only negative experience in this game. Thank you for reading this, amazing game guys!