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  1. aegi737

    Astronner crash after loading screen

    the specs of the system who are used are really needed for Devs then with such infos they can easier solve thingys eg. Windows version Ram Gfx Card only a idea
  2. aegi737

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    only a idea ppl who use windows 10 and have the crashes ,post the system specs ,i am sure its a Memory Issue,then i never got such crashes and the DEVS need such specs to solve thingys easier my specs are AMD Quad cpu @3.80ghz ,24GB Ram @1600 ,GTX 960 4GB and the ram load can be only not enough memory to work with it,then windows 10 need for 32bit 1gb and some more to work nice for 64bit you need 2gb and more minimal ram for astroneer 4 GB RAM to run it better 8 GB RAM when the ram is fully loaded, it will create allways buffer overflow and that create a crash
  3. my specs nearly the same quad cpu GTX 960 4gb but alot more ram ,24GB and it works nice that mean you need some more ram,then minimum ram is 4gb but since the last updates it need more ram as 8gb,windows also takes alot ram (4gb) for working normal
  4. aegi737

    Patch 1.0.9 - March 1, 2019

    just a idea ,timed despawn of non used resources will make the thingy run faster. as i played in that way (removíng by scan the items) it was less laggier and the fps came allways near 50fps ,less thingys less lag(fps drops) that should work on any plattform a overload of resources will allways create fps drops
  5. aegi737

    Patch 1.0.9 - March 1, 2019

    the time will come when all the thingys are fixxed. it looks like atm is the biggest problem the FPS thingy,for me it works nice enough for a thingy who was created from scratch without any other dev team like the big ones (EA,Sony etc.) my sys is a simple one with 4cores @ 3.8ghz and 24gb ram oh and yes too much power like Xbox one X is the same as you would run a HEMI Engine in a Beetle ,it will always struggle with to much power,the balance to find is not really easy easier it would be when Resource thingys Despawn who are not longer needed or forgotten in some caves ,that would make the performance better oh and for sure that game is absolutly nice,my favorite game since years AeGiS737