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  1. Hello, if you look at pictures closely there was a glitches on terrain. This is not the only problem. On Multiplayer first I started game as host with my friend, we play the game little time.. then suddenly fps drops and game freeze is starting... Then my friend is create a game as host I joined same thing is happen again, I don't know why this issue is happening but we play other games without any problem, We really love this game but I hope the devs solve this issue asap... For now FPS Drops are big issue for me, sometimes it's happening even on my solo game
  2. I find a solution for mine Updated my gpu card Deleted Astroneer Go this location and delete your Astro file " C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Astro "
  3. Traveler59 Suddenly Game Freeze / FPS Drop

    Also here is my specs İ5-4690K CPU, 3,50 GHZ 16 GB Ram GTX970 GPU 480 GB SSD
  4. Hello, since the game freeze for 3-4 seconds ( It's not happening everytime ) But when it's happen it is really annoying, I don't know it's happen to anyone, but please write down here if someone have this issue
  5. I check the Astroneer road map, after 1.0 we finally get mod support. But I wondered this so much, did we get " Planet Builder " ? Like the World Editor , here is the idea. With present assets on Astroneer ( after the mod support maybe we can add our own assets ? ) We can create our own special Planets, maybe even we create a mixed planet half tundra, half barrens, part by part actually this is just a simple example. I know it's not easy but wanna see yours comments, what you thinking about this ?
  6. Traveler59

    Suggestion / Fully Storm Planet

    Yes those flying/tumbling rocks it gives me a hard times, but on stormy planet they can adjust these, also this is why we need exo suit for stormy planet, for cover ourselves from these rocks. Unlike the other suits, stormy planet suits have more resistance ( that's the idea at least )
  7. Traveler59

    Suggestion / Fully Storm Planet

    Yeah, I love this game so much actually, I hope we get full stormy planet Environment would be more challengeable likee... Acid raid, natural disasters... MORE STORMS 😮 if you have more idea please write it down
  8. Traveler59

    A Game Ending

    At some point I agree game needs a story, but after the end , it needs to give us more purpose , Astroneer is a potential game there is no limit what they can do.
  9. Traveler59

    Suggestion / Fully Storm Planet

    In addition , also for this stormy planets we can get a new exo suit?
  10. Firstly, hi there! I I buy and played Astroneer since 1 month and the game is amazing, but like the others I have suggestions and Ideas, I don't know maybe they add this feature on 1.0 Wish we have full stormy planets , on these planets exploring became more hard also you try to survive ( in a way ) I know Astroneer purpose is exploring, but we need these challanges this is what I think at least. Think about it, planets fully with storms would be awesome, look at the picture I mean, you landed planet and it's fully storm , please write down here what you're think about this idea : )